How to learn the multiplication table in a dream in 5 minutes? Is it possible to learn the multiplication table in a dream?

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How to learn the multiplication table in a dream in 5 minutes? Is it possible to learn the multiplication table in a dream?
How to learn the multiplication table in a dream in 5 minutes? Is it possible to learn the multiplication table in a dream?

Every child has to cram the multiplication table, and often this becomes a test for the whole family. On the one hand, children of primary school age have a well-developed mechanical memory, they are able to memorize long verses and texts. On the other hand, memorizing 100 examples is a boring task, students try to avoid it in every way possible.

Parents want to simplify the process so as not to spend so much time and nerves on it. They are looking for magical ways and wonder: how to learn the multiplication table in a dream in 5 minutes?

The classic way

All of us in childhood crammed these long columns of examples, often sprinkling them with burning tears. Let's remember how training is usually built. The child is shown a long table of examples that needs to be remembered for a lifetime.It is proposed to memorize it gradually: first multiply by 2, then by 3, etc. Parents arrange training, asking the baby first in order, and then randomly. After repeated repetitions, the answers are given automatically.

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There are two disadvantages of this method: cramming requires a lot of time and serious efforts from both the child and the parents. It's a boring, tedious process. And, of course, many want to find an easy alternative. Moreover, there are gurus who tell how to learn the multiplication table in a dream in 5 minutes.


A person sleeps at least one third of his life. This time seems to many a waste of time. It is very tempting to use it for learning. Thus was born the direction of hypnopedia (natural sleep, accompanied by listening to audio recordings). Its content becomes information that needs to be recorded on the subcortex of the brain. Here is the answer to the question of how you can learn the multiplication table in a dream. Moreover, today there are courses that guarantee the assimilation of a foreign language in a week with the help of hypnopedia.

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Philologist L. Bliznichenko believed that during rest the brain is able to absorb at least 92% of the perceived information. No effort is required from the sleeper. Others have theorized that hypnopedia makes it easy to memorize short facts or difficult terms that take a lot of energy while awake. So is it possible to learn the tablesleep multiplication?

Experimental results

Unfortunately, the first studies debunked a coherent theory. It turned out that in a dream the brain really works actively, but in a different mode. Its activity is aimed at processing the information received during the day, and not at the perception of a new one.

In 1956, two psychologists, C. Simon and W. Emmons, used an electroencelograph to conduct research on sleeping people. They were given to listen to new information and recorded the work of the brain. It turned out that only those subjects who woke up from the voice of the announcer managed to remember the material. This was evidenced by gamma waves on the device. Therefore, do not waste time looking for information on how to learn the multiplication table in a dream. It is better to get acquainted with other tricks that make the task easier.

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Is the quick way always good?

So we've debunked the myth of sleep learning. How to quickly learn the multiplication table using more reliable methods? In posing this question, we make a second serious mistake. Of course, it is tempting to memorize all one hundred examples in 4 days. However, the mechanisms of memory are insidious. What you learn on the run will fly out of your head in a few hours.

The multiplication table must remain in long-term memory. From this follows a simple rule: you need to learn it for a long time, constantly repeating. However, this can take no more than 20 minutes a day. The main thing is the regularity, not the duration of classes.

The main condition is motivation

Ceaseddream about how to learn the multiplication table in a dream, let's get down to business. It has been proven that the process will go much easier if the child has a mental attitude towards memorization. To do this, you need to avoid tedious cramming, turning learning into a fun game.

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Experts recommend:

  • Approach the task with optimism, demonstrate your confidence that the baby will cope with difficulties.
  • Explain to the child the essence of multiplication. To do this, you need to teach him to count in twos, fours, sevens, tens and other sets. Real objects (sticks, buttons, cards) are laid out in rows, which can then be counted. So multiplication can be seen clearly.
  • Based on the results obtained, invite the child to fill in the multiplication table on his own, using multi-colored felt-tip pens for this. Do the work, gradually adding new values. Hang the table in the nursery so that it constantly catches your eye.
  • Use game techniques. Examples can be sung or read in different voices (quietly, loudly, sadly, cheerfully, etc.) Children's poems and songs go well. Ask the child to look for the correct answer on the table in five seconds and poke a finger at it without saying a word. Or go the distance by solving multiplication examples. If the answer is correct, a step forward is taken. In case of a mistake, the child is forced to step back. For motivation behind your back, mark the "chasm" into which you can fall, and put the "treasure" at the finish line.

Board Games

It is easy to memorize information not only in a dream. How to learn the multiplication table with a child in a fun and easy way? Board games that you can make yourself will come to the rescue. For example, these:

children playing board game
  • "Capture the deck." You will need cards with numbers from 1 to 10 in duplicate. They need to be shuffled and placed face down. Players turn over their top cards at the same time. Whoever names their work first, he takes both. The person left without cards loses.
  • "Boom!" On cardboard strips, you need to write multiplication examples. With the exception of three that have the word "Boom!" Set an alarm for 15 minutes. Remove the strips one by one from the glass. If the player correctly solved the example, then he takes the strip for himself. Otherwise, it comes back. The one who pulled out the word "Boom!" puts all the dialed strips back into the glass. When the alarm rings, the trophies are counted and the winner is revealed.

Repeat before bed

Yet hypnopedia is not a quackery. How to learn the multiplication table in a dream without effort, no one will tell you. But the period before falling asleep can be effectively used to consolidate the material already studied.

The fact is that it is at night that the information received during the day is classified by the brain, part of it is transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory. It is clear that if the last conscious thought was about the multiplication table,then the chances of remembering it increase significantly. Therefore, do not be too lazy before going to bed to once again talk with the child about the analyzed examples.

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How to learn the multiplication table in a dream: unexpected discoveries

Scientists have found that hypnopedia is not suitable for getting to know new information. But sleep time can be put to good use. It has been proven that a group of students who listened to recently learned foreign words at night did much better on control tests. Therefore, parents can turn on audio recordings with the multiplication table when the child is sleeping. Keep in mind that girls are better at listening to male voices, while boys are better at listening to female voices.

Feelings also play a big role. If during classes you turn on soft music or light incense sticks, the child will form stable associations. Playing the same melody at night or filling the room with the appropriate aroma, we make the brain remember the multiplication table.

When thinking about how to learn the multiplication table in a dream, carefully read the research of scientists and use this method only as an auxiliary one.

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