What does it mean to parry: in the dictionary, when communicating

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What does it mean to parry: in the dictionary, when communicating
What does it mean to parry: in the dictionary, when communicating

Often in Russian people come across expressions that have a figurative meaning. Proper pronunciation always emphasizes the education of a person. Many people have to argue in life, so it's important to know what it means to fight back.

What does the word mean: explanatory dictionary

The word "parry" in the dictionary

Initially, the verb was used in fencing to denote a repulse of a blow, a repulse of an attack. Later, the word began to be used in verbal disputes. Used in a figurative sense. Literally: "Reflect (reflect) attacks, arguments of the opponent." What does it mean to parry in a conversation? If the opponent parries in the dialogue, then he has moved to the stage of the winner. That is, a person can succinctly defend his position.

Examples of parrying in dialogue

How to respond to the statements of the opponent?

It is believed that the best defense is an attack. If the interlocutor reproaches, use the inertia of the blow against him. To understand what it means to parry, you can pay attention to this example of a dialogue between two people.

- You don't know how to work withcustomers - the second buyer leaves you empty-handed.

- And you count how many people made an order, and compare the results with the results of other employees.

Aggressive opponents are fought with a soft method. To do this, the barb is turned into a compliment, disarming the enemy.

- You talk so much!

- It's because you are a great listener.

When expressing negativity, a person is asked to clarify what exactly he does not like. It turns out that in fact everything is much better than he imagines.

- Your product is of poor quality!

- What exactly do you dislike?

- Color.

- We have a huge range, let's choose another option.

When they try to stab a person, using his own weaknesses, this indicates bad manners. The statements of a tactless interlocutor are treated with humor. If you are accused of stinginess, you can offer to borrow money until payday. A great way is to parry in the style of a boomerang. When reproached for the inability to dance, the opponent is asked to be taught how to do it beautifully. An attempt to show that a person does nothing at home is answered with a proposal to tell the interlocutor what he is doing and share responsibilities with him.

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