The meaning of the word "yakhont": where it is used, the rules of writing

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The meaning of the word "yakhont": where it is used, the rules of writing
The meaning of the word "yakhont": where it is used, the rules of writing

The meaning of the word "yakhont" allows it to be used in various interpretations. Initially, the yahont is a precious stone. In red it is a ruby, in blue it is a sapphire. In Russia, they believed that he had healing powers. If we talk about the use in relation to people, then with the help of the word they emphasized the importance and value of the person.

Expression for favorite things

Image "Yakhontovy" or precious person

What does "yakhont" mean as an adjective? The word is absent in modern scientific terminology. Since the 19th century, it has been used mainly in colloquial speech and works of art. This is a set expression that is used when talking about a loved one.

A popular expression among gypsies and fortune tellers. Addressing the proposal to predict the future, women emphasize their importance for the one who guesses. A "valuable" person is asked to gild a pen in exchange for a prediction about the future.

Polysemy words

The use of the word in colloquial and artistic speech

In old books you can find the meaning of the word "yakhont", used in relation not to a real stone, but to a carefully guarded jewel, an object of admiration. The authors of the century before last used the expression "to burn with yachts."

A person's eyes under certain circumstances seem to glow with a bright ruby ​​color. It is in national traditions to assign characteristics to any stone in the coloring of which tones of red are noticeable. The high priests decorated the breastplate with stones. Subsequently, the researchers found that it was tourmaline.

It was believed that the owner of the stone is distinguished by lively energy, he alth. All qualities - good and bad - are doubled. A good person becomes even kinder, and an evil person becomes even worse. People believed that the stone had healing qualities. It treats diseases of the eyes, stomach, joints. This means that a yacht man differs from others in pronounced characteristics.

Examples of usage in literature

Synonymous are such words as: amiable, dear, dearest. In novels and fairy tales, a loved one is addressed with the words "my yacht". In the literal and figurative sense, this expression was used in his works by A.S. Pushkin, I.A. Krylov, S.A. Yesenin.

Here are some simple examples:

  1. "He was silent for a long time, looking at the snow-white walls of the church and fingering the japon rosary."
  2. "Yes, you yourself would have something before, yacht."
  3. "What are you, a yacht, passing by?"

The word is used when playing around with various situations, in theatrical productions. Often it can be heard as a joke used between people in love.

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