War is The meaning of the word and where it can be used

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War is The meaning of the word and where it can be used
War is The meaning of the word and where it can be used

Life is movement. Including in speech. Some words appear in our vocabulary, some go into the past. This process is going on all the time; don't stop it, don't slow it down. But it is not for nothing that they say about the Russian language that it is the most powerful language in the world. For a rich speech, for a general understanding and broadening of one's horizons, scientists strongly recommend diversifying your vocabulary. People who know how to use obsolete words and expressions “appropriately” give the impression of being smart, versatile, well-read. Therefore, it will never be superfluous to find out the meanings of some obsolete words. After all, this is our mother tongue, our history. To know it is the task of any educated person.

The concept of "military" refers to the outdated, now rarely used vocabulary in everyday life. This word can be found on the pages of history books, in films, novels. But where did it come from and what does it literally mean? Why is it found mainly in Slavic literature? Let's figure it out.

Where did the word "military" come from?

Researchers of the Russian language have established that "military" is a derivative of the noun "army". Let's dig deeper and find out for a start the meaningthis noun.

princely army

Ratya in Russia was called a small militia, an army, a combat detachment of the Slavs, the purpose of which was protection from foreign invaders. This is how the dictionaries of Ozhegov and Ushakov interpret this word.

Since "army" is a native Russian word, "military" is also found in Slavic or Russian sources.

There is also a not very popular alternative version that the battle itself was called the army itself. The Dictionary of Forgotten and Difficult Words of the 18th-19th Centuries tells us about this. In their defense, the authors cite the proverb: “Do not brag when riding to the army, but boast when riding with the army.”

Well, in this case, we can recall Pushkin, who still supported the first version of the current:

We are pushing the Swedes army after army…

The meaning of the word "military"

For a precise explanation, let's turn to Ushakov's dictionary:

War is military, combat

And that explains everything. That is, for example, a feat of arms is a feat accomplished in combat conditions or on the battlefield.

feat of arms

What other words are there with this root?

In the old days, the noun "warriors" was common. It was used before the revolution of 1917 and denoted a soldier of the state militia. After the overthrow of the autocracy, the word quickly went out of circulation.

So, it turns out, “military” is a synonym for the word “combat”. Well, we will know and use.

Interesting fact

In the Kaluga region, in the Kozelsky district, there is a ruralsettlement - Podborki village. It includes several farms and villages. One of the farms is called Ratny.

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