Acquisition - what is it?

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Acquisition - what is it?
Acquisition - what is it?

Do you like shopping? To some, this pastime seems like hard labor. Others are happy to walk around the supermarket with a cart and stretch this activity for as long as possible. In this article, we will talk about a word that is strongly associated with shopping. We will talk about the noun "acquisition".

The lexical meaning of the word

First of all, you should know what the word "acquisition" means. You can use this or that speech unit in speech only if you know exactly what it means. The word "acquisition" has two meanings.

  • Noun for the verb "acquire" or "acquire" (that is, to take possession of something, become the owner of something). In other words, "acquisition" is the process of transferring something into your ownership. For example, acquiring real estate, acquiring the necessary skills, acquiring experience, acquiring a car.
  • Red car
  • What is purchased. Here we mean not the process itself, but its result, a specific object that is now in yourpossession. For example, a car is an expensive purchase, Chinese souvenirs are an unnecessary purchase.

Examples of usage

As you can see, the word "acquisition" has two meanings that are related. They indicate that a person receives at his disposal any material things, knowledge or experience. To consolidate the meaning of the word "acquisition", we will indicate a few example sentences.

  • It was a great purchase, the car was of high quality, but it was not cheap.
  • The acquisition of knowledge is an important stage in human development.
  • We believe that buying cheap goods indicates your inability to budget.
  • TV is not the best purchase, it is much more profitable to buy a computer now.

Synonym selection

Acquisition is a noun for which you can pick up several synonyms.

  • Purchase. Remember that the purchase of real estate must be notarized.
  • Receive. Gaining work experience abroad is an investment in your bright future.
  • Production. Developing communication skills contributes to a better understanding.
  • Vacation home
  • New thing. Vasya has a new thing, he bought a country house.
  • Assimilation. In the process of learning, a wide variety of information is assimilated.

Please note that some synonyms (purchase, new thing) indicate specific and material things that a person can purchase, for example, in a store. Otherssynonyms can also refer to intangible goods: knowledge, information, experience, etc.

Now you know how to use the noun "acquisition" in sentences. It has two lexical meanings and can refer to both material and non-material concepts.

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