Graduation in kindergarten: scenario, features, interesting ideas and recommendations

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Graduation in kindergarten: scenario, features, interesting ideas and recommendations
Graduation in kindergarten: scenario, features, interesting ideas and recommendations

How fun and unusual to spend graduation in kindergarten? The scenario of such an event is an important stage in the activities of educators and parents. For kids, this will be the first ball, so it is important to make it dynamic and bright. The script for the graduation party in kindergarten should be thought out so that children can demonstrate their talents and creative achievements.

holiday script in the original style

How to get started

In addition to a variety of concert numbers, games, tea parties, teachers and parents can make a presentation in which photos of kids accumulated over the years of joint activity will be shown to lyrical music. After the end of the solemn part of the event, you can organize a collective trip to the excursion, to the theater, museum.

What is the best way to spend graduation in kindergarten? An unusual scenario, selected specifically for a particular group, is a prerequisite for parents to give their children a real surprise. Here are some interesting ideas that you can use to createown interesting scenario.

farewell to kindergarten

Maintenance "The investigation is underway…"

Let's talk about how to spend graduation in kindergarten. The scenario, unusual and memorable, involves the consideration of some kind of detective story. For example, you can first "hide" the words: call, class, school. The main task of preschoolers is to perform various intellectual and creative tasks in order to unravel the encrypted words. The script for a cool graduation in kindergarten is a combination of assignments, bright concert numbers, and sports competitions. Children are divided into groups, each of them must "get" certain letters. As investigators, you can enter Baba Yaga or Kolobok into the script, which can be played not only by educators, but also by parents of preschoolers.

how to spend a graduation in kindergarten

Holiday "Governess for the first grader"

We offer another option for a holiday in kindergarten. Scenarios in the style of "show yourself" involve a demonstration by future first-graders of their knowledge, skills and abilities. The host of the holiday reminds that the kids are left without adult supervision after school lessons, so you need to invite a governess to them.

At the call, Miss Bok comes, immediately begins to "educate" the growing up first graders. She invites them to dance, sing, recite poems. Freken Bock also checks the acting abilities of preschoolers. She reads to them an excerpt from the fairy tale "Gingerbread Man", offers to show it "in a new way." The governess remains satisfied with the talented andbright heroes of the occasion, offers them a tea party with delicious pies and sweets.

What is important to consider when planning a graduation in kindergarten? The scenario involves thinking through the duration of the event. The holiday should not be prolonged, otherwise the kids will get tired.

scenario option

Festival "Film about our life!"

We offer another script for the prom in kindergarten. The essence of the event is the preparation by the kids of an impromptu performance, in which the kids tell the guests present about their life in kindergarten.

How to start such a graduation in kindergarten? The script is compiled so that the first stage is the day when the kids first crossed the threshold of the institution. Between separate fragments, you can insert musical pauses, within which the children will be able to demonstrate their creative abilities to their parents.

Scenario "The New Adventures of Pinocchio"

We offer a few more ideas to help organize graduation in kindergarten. The script can be created on the basis of the fairy tale about Pinocchio. Children will not be passive spectators, they are involved in Pinocchio's amazing journey, help him solve problems, find answers to difficult questions. The main goal of the event is to help the boy find friends, find a real school together.

Such a scenario for graduation in kindergarten is a modern and original version of the ball. There is no need to divide the characters into positive and negative heroes, because Pinocchio should have many assistants andfriends.

How can you make such a scenario for graduation in kindergarten original? The modern rhythm of life dictates its own conditions, so going to the supermarket, talking on a cell phone, ruining a financial organization are quite appropriate during the holiday.

You can supplement the script with such characters as the fox Alice, Duremar, Basilio. As a result of such a holiday, you can consider a musical composition based on the motive of the song about Pinocchio. Kids will be able to dance, sing, play under it.

interesting solutions for graduation

Helpful tips

Children will definitely remember such graduation in kindergarten. Scenarios (the coolest and most unusual) teachers come up with themselves, armed with the help and support of the parents of their students. The prom involves not only the performance itself, but also photographing. Since during the holiday the kids will participate in a variety of sports tests, it is important to provide time for a memorable photo session at the first stage of the graduation ball.

Scenario "Vovka in an unusual state"

The idea of ​​this variant of graduation in kindergarten is the journey of the boy Vovka through an unusual children's kingdom. Everyone knows Vovka as a loser and a slacker, but during the prom, the public is instilled with the idea of ​​how important it is to study well at school. Preschoolers become real helpers for the main character, they teach him to count, answer questions, introduce him to the elementary rules of etiquette. Vovka resists at first, but his idea of ​​learning inschool, he gladly performs the tasks that the kids offer him. At the end of the graduation ball, Vovka thanks smart and educated preschoolers for their help, invites them to his big land of knowledge.

features of children's matinee

Wish Bus Scenario

The scenario involves organizing a graduation party in kindergarten in an unusual modern version. Tasks of a similar matinee:

  • cause schoolchildren to show their creative abilities as part of the matinee;
  • create a positive emotional background for future first grade students;
  • to give children the opportunity to demonstrate to their parents the skills and abilities that they were able to acquire during their time in kindergarten.

It is important not only the mood of the heroes of the occasion, but also the design of the group in which the first prom in the life of preschoolers will be held. As a decor, you can use old records, make a fake TV, complement the interior with original posters in the style of the sixties of the last century.

First, a janitor appears on the impromptu stage, the teacher approaches him, trying to understand how he ended up in kindergarten. A modern dialogue begins between them.

Educator 1: Hello, Harry! Are you all sweeping?

Janitor: Hello! Metu… How are you?

Educator 1: And I'm going to work… How are you?

Janitor: Oh, look, someone lost money. Woman, isn't your loss? (they approach the pupil's mother).

Mom (parent): Oh, I sure lost!

Educator 1: Oh, definitely not her!

Mom: Lost! Losing!

Educator 1: Come on, give me back! (pulls the money out of his hands) I was walking here yesterday, so I dropped the money.

Janitor: Marie, what's the money?

Educator 1: Yes, bullshit, dollars.

Janitor: Currency? Aren't the police going to arrest you for it? (there are shouts of "Hold them!")

Educator 1: They won't make it! We will buy Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley records from the marketers.

Janitor: Great, and we will defend! (cops clapping and whistling is heard)! Marie! Let's run! Let's try to hide in the cinema! (they run behind the screen, change clothes).

Music worker: Dear guests! We are glad to see you at the premiere screening of the most incendiary film "Dandies". Tune in to a positive and upbeat environment. Meet our graduate actors, the most charming and bright and stylish.

Further, preschoolers come out to the music, show the dance "Dandies". After an incendiary dance, the guys go down to the hall, the holiday continues. During the event, kids are offered many more interesting and unusual competitions, sports events in which they can show their creative, intellectual abilities.

original holiday in kindergarten


To make the first graduation party in the life of kids bright, unusual, educators and parents must work hard. It is important to think over not only the composition of the event, but also take into account small details: designhall, outfits for preschoolers, introduce unusual fairy-tale (or modern) characters into the holiday. The active help of dads and moms is the perfect solution for organizing a memorable evening.

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