How to become successful in today's world. Synonyms for success

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How to become successful in today's world. Synonyms for success
How to become successful in today's world. Synonyms for success

The pursuit of success in today's world has become a real mania. People attend trainings, take courses where they are taught the “basics of a successful life”, storm the Internet in search of an answer to this question. Let's try to figure out what this elusive and alluring success is. And is there any scale to measure the level of success of a particular person?

What is success?

Obviously, each person develops his own attitude towards success and its main attributes during his life. To some, career advancement seems to be the main synonym for success. And someone is sure of his success if order and harmony reign in his house.

goal setting

If you turn to official sources, you can find the following definition: success is the achievement of goals, a positive result of something and public recognition. In other words, success is synonymous with achievement, result and recognition. Let's take a closer look at these components.

The end justifies the means

Setting a goal is easy. Every day we set ourselves dozens of small goals: from everyday moments to large and important decisions. ButAre these goals the achievement of which can be called a synonym for success? Here are 5 principles for setting the right goals:

  1. Mark the circle of things that are most important to you. Everyone has his own. And it's very easy to define. If something in life begins to constantly occupy your thoughts, this subject serves as a guide for setting the desired goal.
  2. Develop a plan to achieve it and stick to it no matter what.
  3. Forget about indulgences and self-pity.
  4. Corny, but vital: do not lose heart and do not give up. Willpower is another synonym for success, but it only works on the inner front of your personal struggle.
  5. Don't stop. Having reached the first height, immediately take on the second. The wave of energy and enthusiasm that carried you to the shores of one goal will easily drive you to the next victories. And there, not far from real success.
goal achievement

Was the game worth the candle?

And so we got to the result - the second synonym for the word "success". It would seem that you can relax and enjoy the work done. But ironically, most people at this stage feel despondency and emptiness. The first fireworks of emotions has passed. The consciousness that you are a winner is organically integrated into the familiar picture of the world. And there is a reassessment of values. A person asks global questions about the meaning of life and his role in it. Can such a state be called a synonym for success? Everyone decides for himself.

recognition of success

But the next stage, breakingchains of doubt and surfeit, demonstrating what part of the whole thing was started for.

Recognition or envy?

That's the way we are: we love to hear praise and compliments that amuse our selfish ego and sense of self-worth. The threshold of criticality at such moments drops to zero. And yet it is worth considering: are the people who are around sincere? After all, luck and success - synonymous with well-being in the modern world - are not given to everyone. That is why making public recognition the criterion of personal success is stupid and short-sighted.

success in harmony

What's going on? The goal has been achieved, the result is there, recognition has been received. Congratulations! You are a successful person. Or is it still not?

Determine it for yourself by prioritizing in order of importance. And perhaps then success in your understanding will turn from a frantic race into enjoying the very process of your favorite activity that does not require great achievements.

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