Frock coat is The meaning and origin of the word

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Frock coat is The meaning and origin of the word
Frock coat is The meaning and origin of the word

A frock coat is an elongated piece of men's wardrobe, reaching in length approximately to the knee. Most of the time it is fitted. Most of all, a frock coat looks like a men's jacket.

The very meaning of the word "coat" comes from the French surtout - "special".

This piece of clothing was in wide use at the end of the 19th century, it was considered the main part of an elegant men's suit. A frock coat is a wardrobe detail that was usually combined with a waistcoat and high trousers (or with special elongated pantaloons with button closures for a more conservative style).

The frock coat could be either single-breasted or double-breasted, usually with a turn-down collar. Distinctive element: buttons that only reached the waist.

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History of Appearance

The first acquaintance with a frock coat is the end of the 18th - the beginning of the 19th century. This piece of clothing came to Russia from Europe, where it served as a raincoat. Over time, frock coats became firmly in vogue and were worn by representatives of various classes.

It is this attire that is considered the ancestor of other outerwear for men (tailcoat,tuxedo, coat, etc.).

The length, shape of the sleeves and other details changed depending on fashion trends. Also, the coat could be part of the uniform for officials (the so-called "uniform coats").

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Interesting details

A frock coat is a piece of clothing that could be made from a variety of materials, usually depending on cost and purpose. The most popular were:

  • camlot (expensive material made from camel or angora wool);
  • shalon (lightweight wool fabric with a diagonal pattern);
  • casinet (woolen or cotton fabric).

The color of the frock coat also mattered: if at the beginning of the 19th century such a wardrobe item could be bright, green or red, then later it became more conservative, dark gray, black, deep blue colors came into fashion.

Characteristic decoration with decorative buttons (usually made of metal or mother-of-pearl) at waist level.

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