Skype classes: opportunities for modern tutors

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Skype classes: opportunities for modern tutors
Skype classes: opportunities for modern tutors

Without the Internet, it is already impossible to imagine modern life. We get news there, order goods, look for services, communicate. The development of the Internet has also influenced the methods of obtaining education. Increasingly, you can find the use of Skype for distance learning for both adults and schoolchildren. Modern technology allows the student to prepare for exams and improve academic performance, close gaps due to illness, and much more.

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Pros of distance learning for a child

Online lessons in various school subjects are familiar to many users of the worldwide web. Communication with a tutor via Skype has a number of advantages:

  • It is possible to choose a tutor that both parents and child will like. The choice is provided by trial lessons.
  • The schedule of lessons is developed taking into account the employment of the child. Their duration and regularity are determined individually.
  • Because learning takes place at home, in a familiar environment, the child feels more confident. In addition, he is not distracted by others, as is the case at school.
  • Some children feel insecure, constrained during communicationwith a teacher. The fact that the tutor is at a distance, behind a computer monitor, helps them to relax and learn much more effectively. Gradually, confidence develops and psychological comfort increases during classes.
  • Time and money are saved with distance learning. They do not need to be spent on travel to the place of employment with the teacher. It is located on a personal computer. At the same time, online learning is somewhat cheaper than traditional classes.
  • Individual lessons allow you to choose the optimal program, taking into account the personal characteristics of the child.
  • Skype lessons are focused on one child only. The tutor stops at all complex and incomprehensible details, works them out. This is not possible with group lessons.
  • With today's technology, classes can be recorded and viewed for review.
  • It is possible for parents to be present during classes to control the quality of education.

What do you need for online lessons?

To study with a tutor via Skype, you will need:

  • Internet connection with good speed and stable;
  • computer;
  • webcam;
  • headphones and microphone;
  • Skype program and account availability.

Features of studying individual subjects with an online tutor

The program of the modern school is designed for students with average abilities. In fact, children are different, but the teacher cannot pay attention to everyone and choose a program in accordance withindividual abilities. As a result, tutoring is required for most children. Talented - to reach a new level, get a better education, and lagging behind - to master the school curriculum.

The most difficult in the school curriculum are mathematics, physics and chemistry. These disciplines require mastering the theory and then applying it in practice to solve problems and conduct experiments. In classes via the Internet, the tutor uses additional materials. These are tables, visual aids, interactive whiteboard. To understand the processes that are studied by physics and chemistry, laboratory work is required.

Thanks to the presence of video communication, the teacher not only gives new information, but also controls the student's writing. This allows you to identify difficult moments and disassemble them. The material is fixed with the help of home buildings that are sent by e-mail. The student completes them, sends them for verification, and then the mistakes made are sorted out.

When studying the Russian language via Skype, students perform a variety of tasks to master grammar and other sections. Dictations, crossword puzzles, essays and other forms of work are used. The child learns to express his thoughts correctly.

With the help of distance learning, you can improve academic performance in a short time. This allows the child to increase self-esteem, reveal their abilities. Online classes allow you to effectively prepare for exams and other tests!

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