Dare - what is it? Meaning, synonyms and interpretation

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Dare - what is it? Meaning, synonyms and interpretation
Dare - what is it? Meaning, synonyms and interpretation

Who doesn't like courage? She admires many in the same way as her prowess, this is understandable. Therefore, today we will analyze the last noun, talk about its meaning and synonyms, and understand that courage can be different.


Image"Die Hard"

Needless to say, the concept we are talking about today has a strange, dual glory: on the one hand, there is nothing wrong with courage, and on the other hand, it seems that prowess is something that suggests the audience. That is, if the latter did not exist, then the feat would not have happened.

Of course, countless characters from American action movies or Russian folk tales immediately pop up as an example (this is so that the reader does not think that we do not remember the roots). Although the fabulousness of the plot makes such different formations related. Another thing is dramas based on historical material, such as Braveheart (1995). When courage is placed in a historical context, a certain anguish and ambiguity can be seen in it. And of course, such courage evokes stronger emotions in the viewer than when Bruce Willis shoots down a helicopter with a car. Although the latter is also probably impressive, but in a different way.

The preface was so long that the reader himself could already formulate the meaning of "remote", but we still look into the dictionary: "Unrestrained, dashing courage." As you can see, under the arches of this definition, both the historical hero of Mel Gibson and the super-cool character of Bruce Willis will easily find shelter. Further it will become obvious that not only they can be awarded such an honor. And who else? It's a secret, at least for now.


Man on top of the mountain

When it became clear that prowess is something exceptional, we can distract ourselves from our own imperfection in this sense and find out the replacements of the object of study. So the list goes like this:

  • courage;
  • desperation;
  • bravado;
  • daring;
  • quick;
  • arrogance;
  • courage.

Yes, most of the synonyms speak in favor of the hypothesis that prowess is a quality demonstrated in front of the audience. Although there is both "courage" and "courage" on the list. We put them there on purpose to boost the reputation of being "prowess" a little, it's a smart move.

Invisible Heroes

Mom with children

And now about the most important thing. You can be dashing and desperate in silence and without spectators, although this is a bit contrary to the very idea of ​​​​the concept we are considering today. And life is filled with heroes. Mothers who raise children alone. Fathers who combine several jobs. Young people (both boys and girls) caring for the elderly and children on a voluntary basis or by conviction.

People like thisOf course, they show prowess, this, however, is not at all obvious, but they can stand on a par with action heroes and historical characters. Unfortunately, history does not know anything about them. Maybe the reader will tell about them, if he knows such people? Someone will be indignant: "It's just life!" So it is, so you need to show maximum courage by doing something constantly, and not from case to case. We hope the reader is satisfied with our interpretation of the word "daring". If not, then he can always offer his own, starting from ours. Creativity is beautiful because it involves options. Diversity is an important part of the world. So go for it!

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