How to end letters correctly

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How to end letters correctly
How to end letters correctly

How often do you have to write letters? Many people use electronic and regular mail services to send mass notifications, to send business letters from corporate mail or official requests to government agencies. Writing a good letter is only half the battle, but in order to leave a favorable impression, you need to know how to finish letters correctly.

Why pay attention to the end of the letter

The closing words of a letter are very important. Even if the greeting and informational parts were written perfectly, they convey to the recipient all the information he needs, a bad ending can greatly spoil the impression of the read, affect the person’s decision for the worse. Besides, once a ridiculously signed letter can permanently leave a bad mark on the reputation.

How to finish letters?

It happens that after a clear and adequate presentation of thoughts in a letter, it is difficult for a person to formulate a logical ending to complete. This is problemaffects many people without much experience who don't know how to finish letters.

There were cases when official business letters in a formal style were accompanied by signatures like "Kisses and waiting for an answer", "your fashionable candy Dasha", "sending kisses and hugs". Of course, such a farewell in a business letter is unacceptable. And before sending from email, you should check the absence of a ridiculous signature in the settings of your email client.

What can a letter be like

Letters are different. The letter can be informational, gratitude, reclamation, advertising, request, accompanying, guarantee. In all types of this letter, it is necessary to maintain a formal type of communication, not to switch to "you" and observe subordination. You can discuss your favorite color in such letters only when ordering from the designer, but do not write about it to the company's accountant.

How to end a business letter?

Business letters mean a strict start. It includes a brief introduction of the writer, depending on the purpose - position, company name, social status. After the sender names himself, it would be useful to start the introduction, which will give the main points, and then you need to write a detailed main part in which these theses should be disclosed.

An answer to a question about how to finish official type letters should not contain advice that contradicts the main idea of ​​the letter. The conclusion should include the general idea or message of the letter, a polite farewell tointerlocutor.

How can I sign a letter

There are a few standard phrases that will help you to respectfully finish both a business letter and an informal standard. But each of them carries an individual context.

The expression "Respectfully" is used by adherents of conservative views. This seems to be the most classic way to put a period in a letter, it fits into most letter variations.

How to end a letter to a friend?

The phrase "Yours truly" is not very popular these days. Previously, it was used everywhere, but now experts are raising the question of whether the person who put such a signature really writes sincerely. If the phrase does not make sense, it would be better to replace it with another one.

"Best Wishes" is heavily used to end both a business letter and a less formal one.

"Thank you" is also a good option for some letters. But before you subscribe like that, you should think about whether there is really something to say about it.

It is considered good manners to sign with your own name, without abbreviations. This will show the sender as an open person, allowing both friend and colleague to end the letter with respect.

Tricks for a beautiful finish

Besides the standard signature, there are little literary tricks to complete letters in such a way that the recipient remains interested.

How to end a letter with respect?

First, maybeused a reference to the beginning of the letter. This is an interesting technique that can be seen with outstanding masters of the word. Even in the conclusion, you can reveal the solution to the problems identified in the introduction. In addition, at the end of the letter, you can indicate what, in the opinion of the author, can go wrong and how he sees a positive future.

Definitely don't turn endings into long and beautiful lines that overshadow everything said before, because now the reader knows how to end letters.

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