The meaning of the word "careless", the selection of synonyms

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The meaning of the word "careless", the selection of synonyms
The meaning of the word "careless", the selection of synonyms

If all employees were responsible for their duties, all enterprises would be successful. Alas, not everyone understands this. We have a lot of negligent employees who try their best to avoid work. It is the adjective "careless" that will be discussed in this article.

Interpretation of the word

First, let's specify the meaning of the word "careless". Agree, it is quite difficult to talk about a particular language unit if the lexical meaning remains a mystery.

With the help of an explanatory dictionary, you can find out what the adjective "careless" means. It has the following meaning.

  • sloppy and lazy;
  • careless in his official duties.
The careless employee is sleeping

Also, the dictionary states that the word "careless" refers to colloquial vocabulary. That is, you cannot use it in a scientific or formal business style of speech.

Who can be called negligent? For example, it may be an employee who constantly shirks his job duties. Instead ofsolve work problems well, he is idle or doing other things.

Examples of usage

To consolidate the meaning of the word "careless", let's make a few sentences that would illustrate the interpretation of this speech unit.

  • Can a negligent employee be entrusted with a difficult task?
  • A negligent doctor gave me the wrong medicine. And what is the result?
  • doctor prescribes treatment
  • Because of such negligent architects, new buildings then collapse.
  • Sloppy businessmen work at a loss.
  • The careless student didn't do his homework. Loafer.
  • Your careless attitude to duties is forcing me to fire you.

Synonym selection

Now let's find synonyms for the adjective "careless". You can replace this word with them in various sentences.

  • Careless. You can't be so careless or you won't be taken seriously.
  • Lazy. Lazy employees are a disgrace to the company.
  • Inactive. Your inactive attitude to the common cause sincerely surprises me.
  • Windy. The windy boy did not want to do homework at all, he only thought about computer games.
  • Indifferent. An indifferent attitude to one's duties is fraught with losses that the enterprise will surely incur.
  • Slow. For some reason, experts showed a sluggish interest in solving this burning issue.
  • Inert. You can't be so inert and always go with the flow.
  • Not serious. Vasya is not a serious specialist, he knows nothing about his profession.

Now you know the meaning of the word "careless". You can easily apply it in sentences and replace it with synonyms.

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