What is "strike": meaning, analysis and essence of the word, selection of synonyms

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What is "strike": meaning, analysis and essence of the word, selection of synonyms
What is "strike": meaning, analysis and essence of the word, selection of synonyms

Words are an integral part of life not only for those who deal with them professionally, but also for people who are far from literature, journalism or copywriting. People want, if not to speak beautifully and correctly, then at least to be understood as accurately as possible. Such information is especially relevant for pupils, students and those who are engaged in self-education and (or) refreshing the memory of a school or university program.

For example, someone is interested in what a "strike" is: all the meanings of this word, its analysis and essence, as well as synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms and phraseological units. The article will help you understand the topic, select the maximum possible number of options that are similar and opposite in meaning, and study illustrations for the application of the majority.

Properties of the word

Morphological and syntactic properties of the word "strike": noun, inanimate, masculine, second declension (declension type 1a according to A. A. Zaliznyak's classification).

An analysis of the word "strike" by composition is presented below. How is it understood?So:

  • y gift;
  • root: -strike-.
Impact, analysis of the word by composition

Meanings of the word

"Strike" is:

  1. Sharp, strong movement of one object towards another, which ends with their tight contact. The blow was so sudden and precise that the man could not stand on his feet for several seconds.
  2. Sound (portable). After this incident, she shudders every time, barely hearing the sound of a slamming door.
  3. Another meaning of the word “strike” is an unexpected misfortune, a severe shock (figuratively). The departure of a friend was a strong blow for Victoria.
  4. Sudden rapid offensive (portable, military). The enemy strike took the soldiers by surprise.
  5. Shelling, bombardment (portable, military). They bombed the positions of the terrorists.
  6. Another essence of the “strike” is a severe sudden illness (portable, medical). Even though it was the first time, he knew right away that it was nothing but a heart attack.
Beat, the meaning of the word

Synonyms for the word

Coinciding and close words:

  • Push, behind the ear, slap, slap in the face.
  • Cuff, kick, slap, slap.
  • Flick, slap, assault, muzzle.
  • Trouble, prompting, collision, collision.
  • Impulse, hemorrhage, jolt, shock.
  • Pitch, swoop, flick, drama.
  • Shake, apoplexy, misfortune, disaster.
  • Shock, sound, drive, attack.
  • The blow of fate, attack,Egyptian punishment, sorrows.
  • Knock, pendal, attack, tragedy.
  • Rumble, hesitation, grief, trouble.
  • Pen alties, clap, shelling, bombing.
  • Stroke, adversity, misfortune.
  • Sweep, hook, charge, attack.

These are synonyms for the word "hit".

Synonyms for blow

Using popular synonyms

Often people are interested in how synonyms for the word "strike" can be applied in practice. Some examples:

  1. Kirill woke up from the push of the train. The dream was nervous. They seemed to be going off the rails.
  2. If things go the other way, I'll give you a blow you'll never forget!
  3. Even he couldn't deny that the click was, though unpleasant, but well-deserved.
  4. No matter how hard she tried to hide her problems behind a smile, all her colleagues knew that she was in trouble.
  5. It was an impulse.
  6. "Excellent serve, brother," Stepan patted his friend on the shoulder and lit up.
  7. Changing the geographic unit (especially boring for many years), even for a day, always gives a good shake.
  8. Traumatic shock.
  9. What is a hit? After thirty, you perceive the blows of fate almost without drama, and after forty, you are completely indifferent. But that's just my experience.
  10. All that remained was to listen to the sound of the wall clock until dawn.
  11. A freight train rushed past with a roar. It has always been interesting what a particular train carries. But even more interesting are passenger.
  12. He liked to take pen alties, he did it bettertotal.
  13. This was Maria Romanovna's third stroke, and even her daughter did not believe in a successful outcome.
  14. The man used a sweep.
  15. After his phrases, I wanted to give him a pretty slap in the face!
  16. Her slap was some kind of kiss, so he rejoiced at her like a fool for a long time.
  17. Not a single meeting without a scuffle!
  18. This collision will be written in history books.
  19. They were both recovering from this shock no less than all autumn.
  20. This drama was only in tune with the early loss of his father.
  21. Another disaster for our already unfortunate head!
  22. Because I don't have the choice of knowing or not knowing what a strike is, I prefer to live in anticipation of the next attack.
  23. This dream clearly portends some sorrows.
  24. Only a dozen tragedies in a morning. Think about it!
  25. If someone asked her to describe herself in a four-letter word, it would be "trouble."
  26. As a child, she survived more than one bombing and miraculously survived.
  27. Happiness is hidden behind every misfortune, sometimes it is enough to move a bit of “not” a little.
  28. Don't worry Artem Grigoryevich, he had another seizure last night.
  29. The unfortunate cat got another kick. The owner laughed and wiped his greasy hands on his pants. I could not yet imagine how I would take care of Vaska, but I already knew that I would steal him tonight.
  30. Slapping the river from the ball.
  31. The doctor talked for a long time about a brain hemorrhage. But that term was all he could remember.
  32. And only the belief that any misfortuneone day it must be balanced by something completely opposite, helped to continue the fight.
  33. "Only you attack worse than Colorado potato beetles," my uncle said with a gentle smile. The girl breathed a sigh of relief - everyone will forgive her again.
  34. The boat swayed underfoot, it frightened and fascinated at the same time.
  35. Somehow, all sorts of hardships hit them all at once, as if someone cursed.
What is a blow

Antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms

The antonym of the word "strike" is "counterstrike". The hypernym is "impact". Everything is extremely simple.

Among the hyponyms:

  • Hook.
  • Poke.
  • Swing.
  • Cuff.
  • Crack.
  • Uppercut.
  • Slap.
  • Click.

Examples of antonyms/hypernyms/hyponyms

As a rule, it is not enough to know what a "hit" is. Equally important are the illustrations of the various forms of the word. You can use these options as follows:

  1. The enemy made a standing counterattack.
  2. This impact will have a dark echo for a long time to come.
  3. Denisov missed a powerful left hook. It was a fatal mistake that determined the outcome of the battle.
  4. Konstantin got poked more than once for his ridicule, but he couldn't stop.
  5. The opponent from Italy once again distinguished himself with his signature swing.
  6. Father silently gave him a cuff in response. And then he couldn't help but laugh at the bad joke.
  7. The man got a crack, but he did not regret his words. Suchcharacter.
  8. The boxer hit the opponent with an uppercut.
  9. She was a master at slapping with just a glance. Women like this are one in a million.
  10. For example, he had a strange habit of knocking small objects off the table with a click: a piece of paper or a pencil. Said it calmed him down.
What is a punch (counter punch)


Among the common phraseological units and set expressions:

  • Heat Stroke/Stab/Apoplexy/Backstab.
  • Direction of the main strike/bomb strike/on the beat/to be on the move.
  • First strike weapon/free kick/kick/sunstroke.

They are quite common.

Special mention is the meaning of the word "sharp thunder" or "like a thunderclap". It means something sudden, unexpected. Her words were like a sharp clap of thunder.

Meaning "a sharp clap of thunder"

Use of phraseological units

You can make sentences like this with them:

  1. Heatstroke in the morning was not so bad in itself. But hopelessly spoiled Elena's mood.
  2. It's not love, my dear, when two people think only about how and when to hit each other.
  3. As far as I know, the cause of death was apoplexy.
  4. What is the direction of the main blow? Live to see tomorrow.
  5. They witnessed a powerful enemy air strike.
  6. Eventually dissatisfied and known as the most strict teacher in the university,was on a roll today.
  7. What is information? This is a real first strike weapon.
  8. The referee awards a free kick.
  9. Daddy taught me how to take a punch. And it's not just about boxing.
  10. The article tells how dangerous sunstroke is, what are the main symptoms, and how to provide first aid to the victim.

Meaning, parsing the word "hit", synonyms and phraseological units will no longer frighten speaking and writing people. Let's get it right!

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