How to determine your nationality by appearance (test)

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How to determine your nationality by appearance (test)
How to determine your nationality by appearance (test)

Family plays an important role in everyone's life. Detailed information helps a person to better understand himself, as well as to be aware of family traditions or certain features, such as genetic diseases. What actions will answer the question of how to determine your nationality by appearance?

Disclosure of value

The term "nationality" implies a genetic belonging to a certain nationality. Human DNA contains a huge storehouse of information from our ancestors. From the most ancient time period to this day, the genome of each family member is stored in the genes.

To find out the history of your origin, you need to contact the experts. Thanks to special tests on genetic material, it is possible to trace the branch of development of ancestors and find out how to determine your nationality by appearance.

Human DNA

Science point of view

In men, it is possible to track paternal and maternal ancestral branches, since the chromosomes of a strongsex - XY. But in women, it is possible to investigate only the maternal line, since the genetic code of the weaker sex is XX. According to the genetic material, scientists can trace the family line to ancient people, up to the Neanderthals. How to determine the nationality of a person by appearance? With the help of information technology, it is possible to visualize the movement of ancestors from one continent to another. This method is effective, but financially costly, because such an examination is not cheap.

Migration of peoples

Visual evaluation

Very often, just by looking at a person, one can immediately assume belonging to any of the nationalities. Some of the signs may be unreliable, but the main distinguishing features can be correlated with a certain people without genetic examination.

Oriental man

How to determine your nationality by appearance

The method of determining nationality without conducting special tests is visual. There is a set of appearance features that are inherent in a particular people. It is worth noting that a "pure" representative of any of the nationalities cannot exist. The reason for this was historical events and the globalization of the world. When the boundaries between cultures and countries are blurred, there is a large number of interethnic marriages. Children born in such a union are representatives of several nationalities, therefore external signs contain the history of different nations.

Eastern appearance


How to determine what nationality you are by appearance? One of the external characteristics of interest is associated with the inhabitants of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as the CIS countries. The Slavic type of appearance is characterized by growth above average, the absence of dark pigment: hair and eyes can be of any color except black or brown, respectively. Scientists distinguish the following types:

  • Nordid. Features: oval face, high forehead, blond hair, most often blond. Dark, but not black eyebrows, eyes with an impending eyelid, a nose with a potato or with slightly expanding wings of the nose, expressive plump lips. Geographically, the subspecies lives in the west of Russia or in the east of Europe.
  • B altid. It differs from the previous type in a more round shape of the face, close to a square. It is characterized by blond hair, from ashen to light brown shades. A high forehead, pale eyebrows, deep-set eyes, narrower in shape than those of the Nords, are dominant features. The nose, widening downwards, is quite massive. Expressive but thin lips. A similar species lives in the B altics, in western Russia.
  • Europid. Refers to Western Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, that is, it is a typical appearance of a Slav. How to determine nationality by appearance in women? This is light brown hair, a wide high forehead, dark eyebrows of natural beautiful shape. The eyes are almond-shaped, most often of a light shade, a neat chiseled nose, plump lips. The shape of the face is oval. Such an appearance is considered the standard of beauty and the first picture that pops up in the associative series with the phrase"Slavic appearance".
  • Uralides. A characteristic feature of this type is dark hair, from dark chestnut to blue-black. The forehead is slightly smaller than that of the Europid. Eyebrows are also dark. A feature is a dark pigment, which is reflected in the color of the hair and eyes. There is a hanging eyelid. The nose is bulbous, and the lips are thinner than those of Europeans, but no less expressive. The shape of the face is oval, not as angular as that of the Europid.
The appearance of a resident of Europe

Features of other nationalities

Also, many are interested in the manifestation of oriental features of appearance. This issue is of particular interest. How to determine nationality by appearance in men? As a rule, these are people of medium height, with a wide oval face and an expressive nose. Hair color can range from dark brown to light brown, as can eye color. There are often brown and blue shades, but green is considered the most common. A narrow cut of the eyes is not typical, although it can occur in rare cases. There are 4 main groups, separated by external signs:

  • Pontic view. Characterized by black hair and eyes, a large nose and an oval face.
  • Light Caucasian look. A feature is light pigmentation of the skin and hair, a wide forehead, plump lips and a protruding jaw.
  • The sublaponoid appearance is characterized by an elongated oval face with a wide forehead. Eyebrows often meet at the bridge of the nose, deep-set eyes, upturned nose and full lips. Also a distinctive feature is an expressive chin.
  • Mongoloid. It has a narrow slit in the eyes. Hair color is predominantly black. Pronounced nose, narrow lips.
Tatar attire

Indicator analysis

Thus, from the collected data, you can make a test that will help you find out how to determine your nationality by appearance:

  1. Height. Statistically, the Germans are taller than the Slavs, the maximum mark of a Slavic man is up to 190, women - up to 175 cm. If the figure is exceeded, then most likely the person is closer to European nationalities, if less, then to Eastern roots.
  2. Physique. Slavs are stocky, and leanness is inherent in European nations. Eye color can vary, as for example, light shades can be a sign of Slavic origin, but also be a feature of the inhabitants of southern Europe.
  3. The nose of the representatives of the Eastern world is more pronounced than that of Caucasians, including the Slavs.
  4. Lips. The thinner the lips, the more likely that relatives once lived in the north, in harsh conditions. The opposite situation with the owners of plump lips. Most likely, in the family of such a person there is oriental blood.
  5. Hair. A characteristic feature of the Slavs and inhabitants of Europe is hair lighter than a dark chestnut shade.
traditional robes

You should not take facial features as a sign of belonging to any of the nationalities. Determining nationality by appearance and photo is quite difficult. It is worth remembering that only a DNA examination can give a 100% result. But as a studyyour own family tree, this practice of facial recognition can lead to interesting results and help you understand your family roots.

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