Bogdan Kobulov: photo, nationality, biography

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Bogdan Kobulov: photo, nationality, biography
Bogdan Kobulov: photo, nationality, biography

This man, being a protégé of Lavrenty Beria himself, was a bloody executioner in the system of the totalitarian government machine that destroyed and repressed millions of Soviet citizens. Bogdan Kobulov was a security officer, as they say, to the very marrow of his bones. It is noteworthy that for his merits in his work he was awarded a whole series of medals and orders. However, later the court will take away all the awards from the Chekist, and Bogdan Kobulov himself will be shot for his bloody atrocities. What was remarkable in his biography? Let's take a closer look at this issue.

Years of childhood and youth

Kobulov Bogdan Zakharovich was born on May 1, 1904 in the capital of Georgia. His father made money by sewing clothes. The future Chekist, after graduating from high school in 1921, entered the service of the Separate Caucasian Red Army.

Bogdan Kobulov

At that time he was actively promoting Bolshevism in the cavalry brigades. In addition, Bogdan Kobulov was one of the initiators of the creation of a detachment of 26 Baku commissars.

Work in law enforcement agencies of Georgia

From 1922 to 1926 a young man works inCheka of Georgia. Then he is transferred to the GPU.

In the early 1930s, Kobulov Bogdan (nationality - Armenian) already occupied senior positions in the secret political department of the State Political Administration of Georgia. A few years later, he will go on a business trip to Persia. In 1936, the Chekist's career began to develop rapidly: he was entrusted with a leading position in the UNKVD of the GSSR. A year later, Bogdan Kobulov was already acting as Assistant to the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of Georgia, and a few months later he became Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs in his homeland.

Higher echelons of power

In 1938, Bogdan Zakharovich was transferred to Moscow, to the investigation unit of the NKVD of the USSR. This was facilitated by Lavrenty Pavlovich himself, who provided Kobulov with serious patronage and assistance in operational work, when he was still an employee of the GPU of Georgia. Very soon, Bogdan Zakharovich became Beria's right hand: they even worked together on the Yezhov case. In the late 30s, Kobulov was already at the head of the Investigative Unit of the NKVD of the USSR.

Kobulov Bogdan nationality


Shortly before the start of World War II, he was one of those who initiated the massacre of captured Polish officers. In total, about 40 thousand people died then.

In 1944, Kobulov Bogdan, whose biography is of great interest to historians, participated in the deportation of Soviet peoples, including Kurds, Crimean Tatars, Ingush, Chechens. At the same time, a large-scale genocide was carried out: often people were shot directly at the echelons. Those few who miraculouslysurvived, the subordinates of Bogdan Zakharovich were planted in an open field without drinking and medicine. For the eviction of peoples, Kobulov was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, 1st class, and the Order of Suvorov, 1st class.

Kobulov Bogdan biography

Another area of ​​work for Beria's protégé is attempts to punish Ukrainian nationalists who left for Germany. In the middle of the war, Bogdan Zakharovich organized the deportation of German prisoners of war from the frontline zone. His immediate superiors in the person of Beria and Stalin, as a rule, did not involve the devoted Chekist in political affairs, giving him orders for public actions of a frightening nature.

Kobulov did not personally take part in the torture of people serving sentences. For this, he had specially trained people in his department. The exception was those who previously held responsible positions in the Soviet state.

In 1945, he received the post of Assistant People's Commissar of State Security of the USSR. But a year later, Kobulov was transferred to the Office of Soviet Property Abroad, and he worked in this structure until 1953. Then the “leader of the peoples” dies, and power in the country briefly passes to Beria, who appoints Bogdan Zakharovich as the first assistant to the Minister of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. But a few months later, Lavrenty Pavlovich was arrested. This fate befell Kobulov as well.

Kobulov Bogdan Zakharovich


He was accused of espionage and sabotage. However, he did not admit it, refusing to sign the typewritten copies of the interrogations. In December 1953Bogdan Kobulov was shot by court order. Two years later, the brother of the Chekist Amayak, who was in no way connected with politics, was recognized as a spy and saboteur. A relative was also shot.

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