Adapter is Definition of a concept, characteristics, features

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Adapter is Definition of a concept, characteristics, features
Adapter is Definition of a concept, characteristics, features

Who is this opportunist? This is a person who hides his true views on life and, without any principles, adapts to circumstances in the way that suits him at the moment. Very often, these are males.

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A little about the main thing

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A fitter is a person who has no moral principles and tries to do what is convenient for him. The main thing for such a person is to ensure a conflict-free existence.

Very often opportunists change their views on life for the sake of personal enrichment and selfish goals. Such people can be very difficult to recognize and many women do not notice the true interests of such a partner for a long time.

Here again I would like to say that it is men who are most often opportunists. Although it also happens that they can be females (although for the latterthis is valid).

Male opportunists

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Here I would like to consider in more detail the cases when representatives of the strong half of humanity create an alliance with a woman in order to achieve and satisfy their own interests.

Can these men be called gigolos? The answer in this case will be ambiguous. In direct meaning, a gigolo is a man who lives with a woman at her expense in exchange for sexual relations. Although now such a clear framework does not exist. A man can simply use the material resources and connections of a woman to build his business, buy real estate (while not asking her for money, she gives it to him herself). When a lady's resources run out, the couple's relationship also comes to an end.

Adapter is a person who, contrary to his true views on life, adapts to the situation so that he is comfortable, and at the same time he may not take money from his partner at all, but simply create the appearance of a happy and harmonious relationship for the sake of his own benefits. For example, a man needed to get married not to create a strong family and have children, but to live on the territory of his wife, so that she would look after him (wash, clean, cook, perform direct marital duties). In this case, we may not even talk about the material content. It's just that a man wants to satisfy his needs at the expense of a woman who thinks that he loves her and wants to live with her.

In places of isolation from society

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Here once again I would like to return to the concept of "opportunist". Who is this? Who is called that in prisons?

Adapters in the zone are those people who, contrary to their true views and beliefs, accept the point of view of their cellmates in order to live well in the colony and not conflict with anyone. Many inveterate "inmates" call such people scammers, because the latter most often put on the mask of someone who they really are not.

The opportunists in the underworld are not respected by anyone. Because such individuals simply have no values.

Therefore, when answering the question of who such an opportunist is in terms of concepts, we can say that this is the person who is ready to be hypocritical, change his true views just to get a good job in prisons and live comfortably there. Many of these dishonest personalities very often set up their comrades and report all other prisoners to the leadership of the colony.

What psychologists say

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Many people believe that a person should be able to adapt to various life circumstances. But is it? Are many people ready to sacrifice many years of friendship and even family for the sake of a career?

Psychologists say that a person's ability to adapt to certain circumstances is not the worst quality of a person. It is connected first of all with professional activity. For example,during the interview, many applicants cannot accurately answer the questions of the future leader, while others do it with ease. Of course, in this case, we are not talking about betraying relatives and friends in order to achieve a goal and move up the career ladder.

Therefore, "adaptability" and "ability to adapt" are two different concepts.

If you understand the psychology of an opportunist in more detail, you can see that this person not only does not have moral principles, but also certain views on life, because his point of view on a certain situation changes depending on how he conveniently. The latter is always an egoist and can betray a loved one only because it has become unprofitable for him to be near him.

To the above

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So, in psychology, an opportunist is a person who, despite his true views, gets used to the circumstances. Many of us do not tolerate such people, because most of them just put a spoke in the wheel of someone who gets in their way. This applies mainly to professional activities.

If we talk about personal relationships between a man and a woman, here opportunists are negative people who are ready to do anything, if only they would have a good and comfortable life. Many representatives of the strong half of humanity even marry by calculation. The latter are also very often called opportunists.


All people love and want welllive. The only question is that someone achieves everything himself, and the other at the expense of certain people or someone's connections. Can such people be called opportunists? Definitely yes.

By the way, many men who marry a woman much older than themselves (it is clear that not for the purpose of creating a family and having children, but because she has certain financial resources) are not even shy about it. Most of these husbands do not have their own point of view, but do what the wife says, and sometimes refuse what they promised to do earlier. The latter are also prone to betrayal and "love on the side".


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Is it good or bad to be an opportunist? After all, every person is free by nature, although sometimes circumstances are not in his favor.

The ability to adapt to life and move forward without breaking these promises and principles is good. But if a person deceives and betrays loved ones for the sake of his own goal and hides his true intentions, then he simply cannot be called decent.

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