Parma is a word with many meanings

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Parma is a word with many meanings
Parma is a word with many meanings

If a person hears the word "parma", he will not immediately be able to understand its meaning. It is necessary to determine in what context it is used. The meanings of the word "parma" can be counted over 10. They cover different topics, primarily geography.

Landscapes of Parma

Parma is a city in Italy

Italy is divided into 20 regions, and they, in turn, into provinces, of which there are more than a hundred. One of them is Parma in the northeast.

What is this province famous for? It has developed winemaking and viticulture, dairy farming and the production of parmesan cheese. Of the meat products, it is worth remembering the local ham.

The history of Parma is interesting, more than 2000 years, from the creation of a colony in 183 BC. e. In the 16th century, the Farnese dynasty established itself in it. This period is interesting for despotism, the luxury of the court and the patronage of the development of the arts. After the suppression of the dynasty, Parma was briefly ruled by the Austrian Empire, and then by the Spanish Bourbons, the Empire of Napoleon and again by the Austrians. In 1860, Parma became part of the young state of Italy. Now even the local football club bears its name.

Parma is not onlycity ​​and province, but also a small river that flows between the cities of Modena and Piacenza.

As in other Italian cities, Parma has preserved its historic center with Romanesque and Gothic churches, the Pilotta Palace, the Farnese wooden theater built in 1618, the citadel and the Roman bridge. It is also worth visiting the local botanical garden, museums of archeology and natural history.

Piazza Garibaldi in Italy

Parma on the map of the USA, Russia and other countries

Many place names from Europe were transferred to the Western Hemisphere in the 18th-19th centuries, so is it any wonder that another city of Parma is located in the US state of Ohio. It got its name not because of Italian migrants. One of the inhabitants of the city in the first half of the 19th century went to the Italian Parma and decided to use this name.

Parma is also one of the historical names of the Perm Territory and the Komi Republic, that is, the lands from the Kama River to Sysola. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the newspapers of the Komi-Permyak Territory, the Perm KVN team, the city basketball club and the mobile operator in the Komi Republic are now called this way.

This region has the village of Parma and the village of the same name.

In addition, settlements with the name Parma can be found in the following places:

  • Near Trabzon in Turkey.
  • In Poland, in the Łódź Voivodeship.
  • Missouri, Idaho, Michigan.
  • In Tibet.
Center of Parma

Other meanings of "parma"

There are other concepts. In Latin, in the days of Ancient Rome, the word "parma" (parma) was called a round shield with a diameter of about 90 centimeters. It was used by cavalrymen in the army and gladiators during tournaments.

The writer Tolkien had this name for one of the letters of the Elvish alphabet.

Parma is not only the historical name of the Komi lands, but also one of the Finno-Ugric words for forest. The Komi-Permyaks were well versed in them. Therefore, the dark coniferous forest was called parma. Now such a term has come to be used to refer to a flat-topped hill on which spruce and fir grow. Such landscapes can be observed in the Perm Territory and on the banks of large rivers in the Komi Republic.

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