Meaning of the word toilet: history, term

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Meaning of the word toilet: history, term
Meaning of the word toilet: history, term

In this article we will learn what the word "toilet" means. Many will be surprised, but there are few of them. Depending on this, the functions of objects and actions named so also differ. It all started in France, so the source sounds like toilette.

What is this?

Introducing the origin and meaning of the word toilet:

This is a term that is understood differently in different fields:

  1. A room that is intended for people and their natural needs, such as urination, defecation.
  2. This is the name of the outfit, clothes (for example, a toilet for the evening).
  3. meaning of the word toilet
  4. Dressing room. This is a table with a mirror where people could wash, comb and get dressed.
  5. In medicine, it is disinfection, cleaning, sanitation, care. You can often hear the expression "to toilet the wound", for example.
  6. Sothey call the procedure of putting one's appearance in order, morning hygiene procedures, putting on clothes.


This word has roots since the 17th century. It was invented in France. This was the name of a secluded place where you could clean up before a meeting or a walk (comb your hair, get dressed, tuck in your shirt).

At first it was a table with a mirror. However, in the future this place has been improved. In Russia, it was also, however, under the name "restroom". Dahl's dictionary says that this is "a room where they dress, clean, wash."

The meaning of the word "toilet" began to be supplemented with different meanings from the beginning of the 20th century, when many new professions, ideas and fashionable things appeared in people's lives.

At the moment, a frequently used meaning is a restroom in which people relieve their natural human needs. Synonyms for this word are toilet, latrine, closet or toilet.


meaning of the word toilet

In the article we learned what a toilet is, what it is for, what it was called and used in everyday life. Interesting facts from the history of this term are also given, and what are its meanings in other industries. At present, the word "toilet" is only used to refer to a place where people's natural needs are discharged.

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