Valery Khlevinsky - star of Soviet cinema

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Valery Khlevinsky - star of Soviet cinema
Valery Khlevinsky - star of Soviet cinema

Khlevinsky Valery Mikhailovich was born in Nizhny Novgorod on November 14, 1943. To date, he quite deservedly has the title of People's Artist of Russia. He has more than a dozen performances, feature films and TV series in his piggy bank.

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Valery Khlevinsky was born into a family that had absolutely nothing to do with art. Moreover, his parents were deaf and dumb. Some time later, the Khlevinskys moved to Dzerzhinsk, where their father was appointed head of the deaf society. Valeria's mother took part in an amateur circle at the society, and soon he himself began to study there.

In 1958, the family moves again. This time to Vladimir, where Mikhail Khlevinsky also leads the Deaf Society. In a new place, Valery Khlevinsky goes to study at school No. 1. The boy's class teacher, Zinaida Semyonovna, who is keen on theatre, organizes productions of children's performances. The teacher also attracted little Valera to participate in them. The boy liked the theater so much that in addition to school performances, he began to study in a drama circle at the House of Officers, under the guidance of Alexander Vasilievich Brandt (leading actor of the Vladimir Drama Theatertheater).

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Every year, Valery Khlevinsky was more and more asserted in the idea of ​​becoming an actor. By the end of school, his choice no longer left any doubts, and, having received a certificate, he immediately went to the capital to apply to the studio school at the Moscow Art Theater. But the young man was disappointed - he failed in the second round of exams. Returning to his native Vladimir, the guy masters the profession of a turner. After working at the factory for about a month and a half, he goes for an interview at the local drama theater, where he is accepted into the auxiliary staff. Gaining experience in the next season and a half, he carefully prepares for admission to the theater.

Becoming a student at the Nizhny Novgorod Theater School, he learns the basics of acting from the People's Artist of Russia V. Lebsky. By the way, it was he who at one time brought Evgeny Evstigneev to light. Valery Khlevinsky remembers the year spent at the school with special warmth.

Followed by a three-year military service in the guard of honor company. Valery gives all his free time to the drama club at the Moscow House of Officers. In parallel with the service, Valery Khlevinsky enters the Moscow Art Theater, where he continues his studies after demobilization.

Years in Sovremennik

At the school-studio Khlevinsky studied with V. Markov. Nelly Kornienko and Tatyana Vasilyeva studied with him on the same course. The graduation performance of Valery in 1969 attracted the attention of Oleg Efremov. It is he who invites a gifted student to the theater troupe"Contemporary".

The Sovremennik stage has become a home for Valery Khlevinsky. Here he shared his talent with the audience for thirty-two years. Such a long service life of art allowed the actor to create many unique images: Ashes from the play "At the Bottom", Doolittle from "Pygmalion", Alphonse from "Three Comrades" and Ridge from "Anomaly". In general, in order to list all the multifaceted images created by Khlevinsky, one can write a separate article. Now we will move on to the beginning of his film career.

Valery Khlevinsky personal life

Seventies Cinema

The actor gained his first experience in cinema by starring in The End of the Lyubavins based on the novel of the same name by Shukshin. This was followed by one of the first domestic series - "Big Change". It was the role of class head Avdot'in in the tape, which very quickly became a favorite for the whole country, that made the actor famous.

The next role of Khlevinsky - in "Eternal Call" - finally won the hearts of the audience. Valery Khlevinsky, whose photo was constantly published in newspapers and magazines, starred in many more tapes in the next twenty years. Nevertheless, the audience did not stop associating him with the fair and courageous Anton Savelyev from The Call.

Our years

In 2001, taking advantage of the invitation of O. Tabakov, Khlevinsky moved to the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov and at the same time conducts teaching work at his native school-studio at the Moscow Art Theater. After a significant break, he continues filming in films, starring in Red Square, Skeletonin the closet "and" MUR is MUR - 2".

Khlevinsky Valery Mikhailovich

Valery Khlevinsky brought many pleasant moments to theater and cinema lovers. The personal life of the famous actor remained a secret for fans. He never brought it up for public discussion. Now, living in the country and enjoying the rest, Khlevinsky recalls the past years with pleasure. But who knows, maybe we'll meet him on screen again.

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