Massachusetts, US state: capital, attractions, interesting laws, photos

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Massachusetts, US state: capital, attractions, interesting laws, photos
Massachusetts, US state: capital, attractions, interesting laws, photos

When the passengers of the Mayflower landed on Cape Cod on November 21, 1630, after 65 days of sailing, they no doubt tried to foresee with hope and trepidation what future awaited them on the land that now bears the name of Massachusetts, a state in North America. They soon realized that the wastelands of Provincetown were of little use for life, and six weeks later they crossed the bay and founded the city of Plymouth. But their departure was not fatal for Provincetown, and now it is a tourist attraction of the peninsula.

Bohemian harbor

Provincetown, Massachusetts is considered by locals to be the largest small city in the world. There are 3,800 permanent residents here. But in the summer the population of the town increases almost 10 times - up to 35 thousand. At the turn of the century (in 1899-1900) the city was the largest artificial column in the world.

Massachusetts state laws

It must be admitted that every city in Massachusetts is unique in its own way. Provincetown is no exception. It is unique in its own way, just like Key Island.West in Florida. In order to understand this city, you need to visit here and see everything with your own eyes.

Overview view

The Pilgrims landed here in 1620, not in Plymouth. A beautiful monument was erected to commemorate this event. It was built in 1910 with donations from schoolchildren and money from the federal government. Today it is the highest point on Cape Cod. From a height of 160 meters, a wonderful view opens up in all directions. Weather permitting, you can see all the way from Boston and Plymouth from here. At the foot of the hill with the tower there is a bas-relief depicting the first landing of pilgrims in the New World. Provincetown is proud to be the first.

Whale Tour

Massachusetts state laws

Massachusetts is a state in the USA. Pilgrims first landed here, and it was the first artificial colony, and 25 years ago, whale watching began in this place for the first time. It happened in the following way. Owners of small boats took out tourist groups for fishing. Seeing a huge number of whales, the guests forgot about fishing, they looked only at the sea giants. One of the captains - Al Aveler - decided to organize whale watching expeditions. He started the tourism industry on the east coast. Today, this Massachusetts tourist hotspot generates multimillion-dollar revenues for the peninsula.

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod National Landscape Preserve and Seashore are protected by US National Parks. The total area is about 17.5 thousand hectares. It's sixty fivekilometers of pristine sandy beach, dozens of clean deep freshwater ponds and s alt marshes. In addition, there are several historic houses and lighthouses. On both sides of the cape are a dozen ancient New England societies, their beaches, harbors, wharves, anchorages for everything from small motor boats to huge yachts of the rich and famous.

Between Boston and New York

In 1914, bypassing the dangerous shoals, a canal was built that crossed the cape at its very base. In fact, it has turned into an island, which is connected to the mainland by three bridges - a railway and two highways. Almost 20,000 ships pass through the canal every year, of which almost 8,000 are heavy-duty ships, at least 20 meters long, including barges with tugs, tankers, cruise ships, etc.


This canal shortens the route by 217 kilometers, reducing travel time and fuel consumption, and allows ships to pass through inland waters instead of going around the cape. Previously, there were many shipwrecks due to frequent fogs and numerous shallows. In addition, this place is a federal recreation area. Therefore, every year a large number of people come here, about 3 million tourists, to engage in water sports, fishing, cycling and roller skating.

Plymouth Civic Center

Beyond Cape Cod is the last landing site for the Pilgrims. This is Plymouth, Massachusetts. A small seaside town so calm in the presentproud of his past. The Plymouth Stone marks the site of the landing of the Pilgrims. The city has many monuments and monuments associated with the first settlers, including a replica of the Mayflower. But the most important historical attraction is located in America's oldest operating museum.

Open Air Museum

Plymouth, Massachusetts attracts many tourists from all over the world who want to learn about the history of the first settlers of New England. The sights of Plymouth Plantation, a historical and ethnographic complex, recreate the picture of the first settlements of the colonists of the 16th century.

Massachusetts photo

The Pilgrim Society was founded in 1820 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first settlers in Plymouth. Many residents of the city had objects of that period. The initiative to open the museum, proposed by the local authorities, was supported by the residents of the city with great enthusiasm. The museum was built and opened in 1824. There are artifacts that represent the very beginnings of the formation of the United States. Museum visitors can see authentic items that belonged to the first settlers in 1620. Among the exhibits are the bible of William Bretford, head of the Plymouth Colony, printed in 1592; Miles Standish's antique sword with the inscription "1573" engraved on the blade, and many other historical items from that period.

Capital of Massachusetts

The city of Boston, the future capital of New England, was founded on September 17, 1630. According to Charles Dickens, it is worth taking an example from this city in everything.Americans call Boston, Massachusetts (see the photo in the article) an excellent city. It just so happened that he really was the first in everything. In 1635, the first public school in the American states was opened in Boston, and free of charge. The following year, the city welcomes its first American students to Harvard University. Massachusetts, America, is home to the first printing press and the first US newspaper, The Boston News. The great pride of Boston is America's first railroad. In 1876, Boston inventor Gemm Bell transmitted a phrase over a telephone wire for the first time in human history.

Cultural traditions and sights of Boston

In this city, for the first time, an unusual tradition of celebrating the New Year was adopted. Since 1976, at the initiative of Boston street artists, there has been a tradition of celebrating First Night. Its essence lies in the fact that people completely refuse to drink alcohol on December 31st. Massachusetts is very proud of this today. The state has repeatedly offered to support this tradition in other parts of the United States, but the remarkable undertaking of Boston did not interest other states, probably in vain.


Tourists visiting Boston will be interested in local attractions. First of all - the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. It is the largest Catholic center in New England. In the suburbs of Boston - Belmont - there is another interesting place. This is the Boston Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Other points of interest include the OldNorth Church, Royal Chapel and Park Street Church.

Since 1897, a very prestigious annual marathon has been held in Boston. Not only residents of Boston take part in the races, but also marathon runners from other countries and continents.

Capital of Massachusetts

Boston Tragedy

The American people and the global community mourn the bombings that occurred during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. It was on this tragic day that two explosions occurred that claimed the lives of three people. More than 260 people were injured of varying severity. Among them were not only participants in the race, but also ordinary spectators, including children.

Massachusetts laws

It is known that each state of North America has its own laws and regulations. Sometimes they really promote law and order, and sometimes they bring a smile.

Here are some of the most interesting laws in Massachusetts that can result in public stigma or administrative fines:

  • It is forbidden to give beer to patients in hospitals.
  • After the afternoon funeral, it is strictly forbidden to eat more than three sandwiches in the morning.
  • Massachusetts citizens are allowed to snore with doors tightly shut.
  • Don't go to bed without first taking a shower.
  • Children can buy cigarettes but not smoke them.
  • It is against the law to have sex with a woman on top.
  • Men during Sunday church service are required to havecarrying small arms.

In addition to the general laws of the state of Massachusetts, there are those that must be observed within the city. So, in Boston, for example, it is not allowed to play the violin, gnaw nuts in church, wear heels higher than seven centimeters. It is also forbidden for citizens to have more than three dogs in their household.

Massachusetts Landmarks

In Boston, you can get a public censure or an administrative fine for taking a bath between a man and a woman. Interesting laws in other cities of Massachusetts.

City of Hopkins bans dogs from city vacant lots. This is the prerogative of cows and horses only.

The use and use of a water gun is strictly prohibited by law in Marlborough. There should be no more than two dogs in the household. And within the city limits, nuclear explosions cannot be carried out.

In the small town of Woburn, it is forbidden to be near a drinking establishment with a bottle of beer.

In the small town of Nahant, Massachusetts, citizens are strictly prohibited from digging up streets covered with asph alt, and they are also not allowed to sled on this asph alt in the summer.

This is what America is. Welcome to Massachusetts!

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