Essay on a topic. Structure and plan of an essay on a given topic

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Essay on a topic. Structure and plan of an essay on a given topic
Essay on a topic. Structure and plan of an essay on a given topic

The word "essay", which goes back to exagium (the Latin word for weighing), came to us from French. In translation - "trial, experience, sketch, essay." Let us find out in more detail what this form of presentation of thoughts is. The article will also provide an example of an essay on social studies on the topic of society and its relationships.

General information

An essay on a topic proposed, for example, by a teacher is a small prose essay, free in composition, containing personal impressions on a particular issue, without pretensions to accepting a common understanding of the subject. "The Explanatory Dictionary of Foreign Words" by L.P. Krysin defines an essay as a work that "interprets any problems not in a systematic scientific form, but in a free form." According to the definition of the "Great Encyclopedia", this is a special genre of prose. What can be an essay? On the topic "Philosophy" such an essay,for example, it can reflect the personal position of the author, combining it with a simple and understandable presentation; it is often written in a colloquial style.

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Key Features

An essay on the topic indicated in the task is a genre with which a specific issue is revealed in the work, and not a wide range of problems. This is a way for the individual self-expression of the author on this or that single issue, which does not imply and does not require a single perception by its readers. The views of the author on a certain subject, his attitude towards it, thoughts and feelings, self-expression - that is what is at the center of this genre, which carries journalistic, literary-critical, biographical, popular science features.

Importance in people's lives

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Recently, this genre, whose creator is Montaigne ("Experiments", 1580), has gained popularity. It is this style that is used in the preparation of documents necessary for admission to educational institutions or employment. With the help of an essay on the topic of a career, a person does not just give an individual description of a particular issue. He more fully reveals his personal indicators and qualities. A career essay is of great importance for young people looking for a job. Presenting yourself, describing your aspirations, achievements and failures helps the employer to understand how good a person is and whether he can, with his attitude to the environment, his personal characteristics and life experience, justify their hopesfor the prosperity of the firm (company, organization).

Goals and objectives of writing

Composing an essay contributes to the development of independent creative thinking and the development of the ability to express one's thoughts in writing. Working on an essay will teach the author to clearly and competently display opinions, orderly presentation of information, use the necessary and basic concepts. The skills that writing an essay develops should also include the allocation of a cause-and-effect relationship, argumentation and illustrating one's experience with necessary examples.

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Getting a job

For a young specialist, an essay on the topic: "Man and career" will be of particular importance. By revealing the content, the author will show the employer how rich he is creatively, what are the features of his thinking, how high his potential is and how great his desire to work in a certain area. A prerequisite for productive and effective essay writing will be such a quality as honesty and truthfulness. Only a sincere statement about yourself and your aspirations will have a high chance of applying for a job.

Essay on the topic: "Society and its relationships"

The text below can be considered a sample of an essay written in the indicated genre: "Society is a set of stones that would collapse if one did not support the other" (Seneca).

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Seneca's statement is key to understanding what society is. What is it? One of the definitionssays that this is a mobile system that has become isolated from nature, but the connection with it has not been interrupted. It is a system in which people interact in many ways and come together in various forms. From this we can conclude that the "stones" - the elements in their development and interaction - constitute this very society. Society consists of four groups. They represent the spheres, in fact, of public life: social, economic, political and spiritual. Each group is a complex organism consisting of various elements. Spheres interact with each other, entering into social relations. Another important element of society is social institutions. A vivid example of such relations can serve as punishment for crimes in Russia. Depending on which social group the offender belonged to, a verdict was passed that had a different degree of cruelty. This is a vivid example of the connection between legal norms and social attitudes.

Public life does not stand still. It changes and develops, progressing or regressing. Its development or decline will depend on how strong the connection between the subsystems is. A collapse in the economic sphere will entail a disruption in the social system, and after that it will affect the spiritual sphere. And, as a result, regression and discord in the development of social life. We can agree with the comparison of society with a set of stones: if even one falls, the whole structure will not hold, it will fall apart. Seneca was right in giving such a characterization of society. The meaning of this word worried people at different times. Throughout the ages, people have triedunderstand their place in it. Today this word has several definitions.

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This is both a step in the development of the human community, and the union of people with common interests, and the totality of the development of mankind in the past, present and future. But Seneca emphasizes that the main stone of the entire vault is the interaction of all elements in different areas. Without this relationship, there will be no whole system as a whole. I think that if there is no interaction between the members of the society, then it will not exist either. With all the desire of a person to be independent, he is inseparable from public life and this entire system as a whole. The society will develop only when it feels the support and strength of all its "stones"-elements".

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