The exact date is not "once upon a time"

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The exact date is not "once upon a time"
The exact date is not "once upon a time"

Dear friends! Today we are celebrating a milestone… An unexpected question from the audience: "When will we celebrate the square with the triangular?" Well, jokes aside, what is "date" anyway?

It is known that they are calendar and calculated, found in documents, knocked out on the slabs of monuments. And each carries certain information.

The number "in law"

So, the calendar date consists of several components:

  • serial number of the day;
  • name or number in the order of the month;
  • and the number (again, ordinal) that marks the calendar year.
  • Dates of life and death

For the majority of modern people it is so natural and daily encountered that it is difficult to even imagine the existence of a certain Law of the Russian Federation regulating this concept. It is called, by the way, "On the Calculation of Time".

Rarely the date is also a plus to the points already mentioned:

  • day of the week,
  • her number inyear,
  • chronology system.
  • What is date

There are different formats for writing dates. This can be illustrated by the example of recording the same point in time. For example, April 12, 1961.

  • 12.04.1961 (day.month.year);
  • 1961-04-12 (year-month-day);
  • 4/12/1961 (US format);
  • 1961.12.04 (in the documents of Kazakhstan);

In the Soviet Union, until the 60s of the last century, they still wrote the first two digits of the year, then the day and month through a fractional line, and the final two digits of the year. Now this writing can be found on tombstones.

The meaning of the word date

Often the last two digits of a date are used in the designation of the year.

For businessmen, programmers, anniversaries

The settlement date is the day when, under the terms of the agreement between the parties, they settle on a certain financial transaction.

In the 1C programming language, the date is a component of great importance. Dates are distinguished:

  • relevant,
  • prohibit editing,
  • user,
  • servers and others.
  • Anniversary date

When an event is a multiple of 10 years, this date is called "round". These will be 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years and so on. The meaning of the words "round date" and "anniversary date" are synonymous.

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