Can I transfer from part-time to full-time education?

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Can I transfer from part-time to full-time education?
Can I transfer from part-time to full-time education?

Correspondence education is not only a lot of free time, but also a great responsibility. Young people must have strong willpower and a huge level of self-control in order to study as hard as possible.

Often, the volume and quality of the knowledge gained by part-time students is much worse than that of students who attend an educational institution every day. This is affected by the lack of control on the part of teachers and the lack of theoretical and practical classes. As a result, young people are increasingly finding more important things to do than study. If you are interested in getting a quality education, then most likely you are already thinking about whether it is possible to transfer from correspondence to full-time education. Read about all the nuances and conditions of such a procedure in this article.

Benefits of part-time education

Correspondence education has its advantages:

  1. Opportunitycombine study and work in the speci alty. The student will be able not only to apply his skills in practice, but also independently earn and pay for education. Work experience will also be accumulated, which will be useful for further employment.
  2. Admission to the correspondence department is much easier, due to little competition, in contrast to the full-time department. For example, in a not very popular speci alty, sometimes there are even empty places after all applicants are enrolled.
  3. On part-time studies, the payment per semester is significantly lower, usually twice.

The benefits of face-to-face learning

Full-time students have certain advantages in the educational process over part-time students:

  1. The male part is granted a reprieve from the army. This factor is often the main one for some young people who do not want to quickly repay their civic debt to the country.
  2. Students who entered the budget form have the opportunity to receive a scholarship for the successful completion of the session.
  3. Guaranteed free admission to state museums and libraries upon presentation of student and library cards.
  4. Preferential travel on public urban and intercity transport thanks to a student ticket.
  5. The opportunity to get a place in the hostel.
how to transfer from part-time to full-time advice

Under what conditions is the transfer possible

Is it possible to transfer from part-time to full-time department and what needs to be done? The main criterion for making a transfer from correspondence formtraining is the availability of free places on the full-time stream. If there are none, then you will not be able to transfer.

However, if you are thinking about whether it is possible to transfer from part-time to full-time, with an impressive amount of time passed (for example, in the third year), then your chances of fulfilling your plan will increase.

For several semesters, the number of students on streams is significantly reduced. This includes students who have a lot of absenteeism or several outstanding debts in disciplines. In addition, many young people are transferred to the correspondence form or leave the educational institution altogether for family reasons.

Therefore, before thinking about how to transfer from part-time to full-time education, you should check with the dean's office for availability. If there are places in your speci alty, then this is already half the battle.

The second, no less important condition for the transfer is that you do not have any debts in subjects. Ideally, part-time students are supposed to pass all academic disciplines on time, since they have relatively more time to prepare for tests and exams. Full-time students spend all their time in classes and seminars, and usually they simply do not have time for preliminary preparation. Add to this the fact that many full-time students also have time to work evening shifts or work part-time, and you get an absolute lack of free time for them.

If at least one of these conditions is impossible, then the directorate of the educational institution will refuse to transfer you to another form of education. However,each situation is individual. In some universities, they look for debts after your application for transfer.

is it possible to transfer from part-time to full-time

Transfer procedure

So, you know whether it is possible to transfer from part-time to full-time department, and there are free places for transfer. Now the first thing to do for this is to notify the dean's office of your intention. Then you will be given a sample, according to which you yourself write an application addressed to the rector of the educational institution for translation.

The next step is to pay the difference in tuition fees. We have already mentioned above that the fee for the full-time department is higher than the correspondence one. With this step, you confirm the seriousness of your intentions to transfer.

In addition, you will need to pass the difference in disciplines. Some subjects that students have already taken in full-time, you would only have to take next semester. This condition is mandatory, since after the translation you will not be read the course of lectures again. In parallel with this, the dean's office checks your grade book and makes sure that you hand over the difference in subjects.

how to transfer from part-time to full-time

So, you have paid off all your debts and paid the difference in cost. Now you are given a certificate of the absence of academic debts, prepare a record book and student's, which indicates that you are a full-time student. Copies of these documents are attached to your application and enclosed in your personal file.

Laststep is a formality. The rector signs a decree on your transfer to full-time education.

We hope that our advice on how to transfer from part-time to full-time department was useful to you. Follow the instructions of the dean's office, and then you will not have any difficulties during the transfer procedure. Good luck with your studies!

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