Engineering College in Minsk: passing scores, address

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Engineering College in Minsk: passing scores, address
Engineering College in Minsk: passing scores, address

In modern society, higher education is considered prestigious. Many high school graduates aspire to study at universities in the hope of getting a well-paid job upon graduation.

But not everyone can get in: there are not enough points for the budget based on exam results or money for paid education. Some applicants do not imagine themselves in the office, in front of a computer monitor or in a leadership position. Many young people are attracted to speci alties of a more practical nature - they are accepted by secondary specialized educational institutions.

College History

The Engineering College in Minsk is a branch of the Belarusian Scientific and Technical University. Works in the education system of the Republic of Belarus for over sixty years. Applicants receive vocational technical or secondary specialized education.

Teaching is carried out by experienced teachers, the team has evolved over more than half a century of work.

Here there are equipped computer classes, fully equipped workshops.There is an assembly hall for cultural events. The Engineering College in Minsk has numerous circles on web design, choreography, vocals and other areas. There are sports sections for hand-to-hand combat, shooting, sports competitions are regularly held.

On the basis of the engineering college in Minsk, there is a hostel located next to the educational institution. No more than three students live in the rooms. There is a canteen in the college building: the food is varied and meets strict sanitary and hygienic standards. Both workers and students eat here. Lunch prices are quite affordable.

The best on the course of study participate in regular republican competitions and city competitions in professional skills. Many come back with awards, win prizes.

In the process of studying

After completing college education, it is possible to enter BNTU for a shortened period.

Speci alties

The main professions taught at the institution are intended for the machine-building sector of the country's national economy. What professions can you get here?

Tractor plant shop

Initial technical training

At the Engineering College in Minsk, after grade 9, you can learn the profession of a mechanical assembly worker, a car repairer and a repairman. The period of study is 3 years of the month.

After obtaining skills in the speci alty "Technical operation of equipment", a graduatewill be able to work at machine-, instrument-, machine-tool enterprises. He will be able to repair and test equipment, repair machines of medium complexity, manufacture fixtures, engage in installation, adjustment of any equipment. He will be taught to read diagrams and drawings, familiarized with the properties of anti-corrosion materials, lubricants and oils.

The speci alty “Car Repair Mechanic” is popular. Numerous repair shops willingly employ highly qualified personnel. After completing the training period in this speci alty, students will be taught to understand devices, basic malfunctions, and the rules for timely vehicle diagnostics.

Car repair

After graduating from 11 classes, you can enter and gain knowledge and skills in the speci alty "Mechanical processing of metal on machines and lines." The course lasts ten months. After completing the training course, the graduate receives the profession of a general machine operator.

Vocational education

The basic speci alty of the engineering college in Minsk is engineering technology. The period of study is - about four years after grade 9, two and a half years (based on grade 11).

Technicians work in the production and technical, design sphere of an industrial enterprise. They practice as millers, turners, adjusters, technicians, machine operators, controllers - this is one of the most massive college speci alties, more than five have been trained in it.thousand people in the history of the institution.

In the workshops of the college

The profession of a mechanical technician can be obtained upon admission to the speci alties "Technological equipment of machine-building production", "Internal combustion engines".

You can become a marketing economist after completing a degree in Marketing. The study lasts three years on the basis of 9 classes. Admission is subject to a fee.

Documents for admission

You can become a student on the basis of the average score of a certificate or other document on education only on the basis of secondary education received with a score of at least "4" in mathematics.

During practice

To enroll in the Engineering College in Minsk, you need to provide:

  1. A statement written by the applicant himself at the time of submission of documents.
  2. Documents of education in the original. As a rule, this is a certificate of basic or secondary education.
  3. Medical certificate of the sample established by the Ministry of the Republic of Belarus. All seals must be affixed to it, the manager's signature must be indicated, vaccinations, a he alth group for physical education, data on a permissible profession.
  4. Photo 3 X 4 cm, 6 pieces.
  5. Certificate of family composition, which is usually issued by a passport officer at the settlement center.
  6. Extract from the work book, if they enter the correspondence department.
  7. Documents of benefits (if any).
  8. If there are significant deviations from the norms forhe alth - the conclusions of specialists, medical commissions, allowing the mastery of the chosen speci alty.
  9. Passport or birth certificate (if under 14).
  10. Folder, two postal envelopes with the return address of the incoming person.

Admission deadlines

To receive vocational education, all documents must be submitted between 15.06 and 20.08.

Belarusians with basic education can bring documents for full-time form from 20.07 to 03.08 (free education), from 20.07 to 14.08 (paid education). If you have a certificate of secondary education - from 20.07 to 09.08 (free of charge), from 20.07 to 16.08 (for a fee).

Foreign citizens can apply for a budget or paid form until August 3.

Passing marks

Admission is based on the average mark in all subjects of the submitted document of education. The Republic of Belarus has a ten-point system for assessing knowledge.

Passing scores at the Engineering College in Minsk in 2017 were:

  • "Internal combustion engines" - 8.063 (daytime, based on 11 classes);
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology - 7.688 (full-time, based on 9 grades);
  • "Technological equipment" - 6.529;
  • "Marketing" - 6.118.

Passing scores for vocational education were even lower, ranging from 5,176 to 6,059.

Address of school

Address of the Engineering College in Minsk: Republic of Belarus, 220070, Minsk city, streetDolgobrodskaya, house 25, Branch of BNTU "Minsk Engineering College".

You can get here:

  • by metro to Traktorny Zavod station (Avtozavodskaya line);
  • on the trolleybus route No. 49 (to the stop "Oleg Koshevoy");
  • on the trolleybus route No. 59 ("Dolgobrodskaya");
  • on tram routes No. 3, 6, 7 (to Traktorny Zavod metro station);
  • on buses No. 2c, 43, 43d, 84, 106 (to Traktorny Zavod metro station)

Minsk Engineering College trains workers in demanded and well-paid professions. It has a well-equipped base, which creates all the conditions for study and recreation of students.

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