FMO BSU: passing scores, address, reviews. Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University

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FMO BSU: passing scores, address, reviews. Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University
FMO BSU: passing scores, address, reviews. Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University

Belarus is strengthening its position in the international arena. It is becoming more and more recognizable state. And this happens for one simple reason. International specialists who graduate in Belarus work for the benefit of their native country on its territory and abroad. In addition, they do a lot to strengthen peace, security, and maintain stability. The faculty of international relations of the Belarusian State University - FMO BSU is engaged in the release of such specialists.

Chronological information

The first prerequisites for the creation of the Faculty of International Relations arose in 1992. The university decided to train such specialists who would not only work in their native country, but also declare themselves in the global labor market. To fulfill this goal, new divisions began to appear in the structure of the educational institution. In 1992, the departments of international relations were opened,international law.

The faculty at the Belarusian State University was founded later. The official date of its creation is October 1, 1995. After the opening, its structure began to take shape. In December of the same year, the departments of international economic relations, Romano-Germanic languages ​​and English appeared at the faculty. In September of the following year, the structure was replenished with 2 more divisions. Departments of diplomatic and consular service, oriental languages ​​were opened.

Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University

Modern period

In 2015, the Faculty of International Relations of BSU celebrated its anniversary - 20 years since its foundation. Throughout this period, the structural unit has evolved. Today it is special among other faculties of the Belarusian State University. Its difference from other divisions lies not only in youth, but also in high authority and prestige. A huge number of applicants apply here, dreaming of the professions of international specialists.

Today, the Faculty of International Relations is recognized as the scientific and educational brand of Belarus. The future elite of the country studies here: diplomats, lawyers, economists. The university is proud of its graduates. Well-trained people who know 2 foreign languages ​​and have knowledge in various fields of the economy, in foreign economic and foreign policy activities come out of the walls of this faculty.

Educational process at FMO BSU

Howget to the faculty

Belarusian State University is a large educational institution. It brought together several tens of thousands of people. Statistics show that more than 60 thousand people study, work, engage in research activities, improve their qualifications and undergo retraining at the university. To accommodate such a large number of people, the university has equipped a whole complex of buildings.

In a separate academic building is the Faculty of International Relations - FMO BSU. The address of this structural unit is Leningradskaya Street, 20. The building is located near the main building of the university. You can get to the faculty by metro, having reached the Lenin Square station. A lot of students get to their place of study by bus. Near the university there is a stop "Independence Square".

Linguistic and regional studies, international law and international relations

FMO BSU implements training in 6 educational programs. Linguistic and regional studies is one of the most interesting speci alties of the university. On it, students learn a foreign language and receive certain information about the country of the language being studied. This feature determined the qualifications that are assigned to graduates: a translator-referent and an orientalist-internationalist.

Future international lawyers who know foreign languages ​​study at the department of international law. In the process of studying, students study the legislation of their native country, get acquainted with international law, international cooperation in the fight against crime.

At the department of international relations of the FMO, BSU offers several specializations. They are represented by: "Foreign Policy and Diplomacy", "International Organizations" and "Organization of International Relations".


Management, global economy and customs

Management is a program aimed at studying the sphere of international tourism. On it, judging from the reviews of the FMO BSU, students are preparing for work as translators-referents or managers-economists. They study 2 foreign languages, geography and economics of international tourism, forecasting the international tourism market and other disciplines.

The world economy is a training course for economists. Various disciplines are studied here, ranging from macroeconomics to the organization and management of foreign economic activity.

In the speci alty "Customs" of FMO BSU both legal and foreign economic disciplines are intertwined. To become customs specialists, students study foreign languages, the world economy, customs law and other subjects.

FMO BSU students

Difficulty of admission

It has always been difficult to enter the Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University. In one of the interviews, the rector of the university said that getting into a budget form of education is almost impossible. The number of places, as a rule, does not exceed 20 in each of the speci alties, and there are a lot of applicants. As a result, the best applicants get to the budget.

Bas a confirmation of the words of the rector, we give the passing scores of the FMO BSU 2017 in free places:

  • on international relations, international law – 384 points;
  • in linguistic and regional studies – 381 points;
  • on management (in the field of international tourism), the global economy - 366 points.

It's hard to get on the paid form, as even on it the number of places is limited. The university is trying to gain a reputation not by the number of graduates, but by their skills, the quality of the educational services provided. The highest passing score in daily paid places was recorded in Linguistics and Country Studies (309), and the lowest - in Management (in the field of international tourism) and the Department of World Economy (262).

Admission to FMO BSU

Tuition fees

As mentioned above, the Faculty of International Relations is considered special in the structure of the Belarusian State University. However, this does not affect the cost of studying at FMO BSU. The prices of educational services at the faculty practically do not differ from the prices set for other structural divisions (with a few exceptions).

Within 2800 Belarusian rubles costs 1 year of study in 3 programs of the faculty: in international relations, linguistic and regional studies, international law. A little more than 2,700 Belarusian rubles are paid by students at the department of the world economy, management (in the field of international tourism), customs.

The cost of studying at FMO BSU

Reviews about the Faculty of Internationalrelations

It is interesting to study in the considered structural unit. Students primarily like learning foreign languages. Students also note the use of modern technologies in the educational process, which make classes more interesting and useful.

In positive reviews often write about hostels. The university has a lot of buildings equipped for living. The dormitory for FMO BSU students is located on Dzerzhinsky Avenue, 87. It is a fairly new building. The year of its commissioning is 2009. In addition to FMO students, students of the Faculty of Law, the Institute of Theology, the State Institute of Management and Social Technologies live here.

Dormitory FMO BSU

One should not take into account the words of the rector of the educational institution that the strongest applicants are enrolled in the Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University. Everything depends only on the applicants themselves, their desire, attitude to preparation. Even a weak applicant can independently or with the help of tutors improve their knowledge in the necessary subjects and eventually enter the faculty, having successfully passed all the entrance exams.

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