Poke method: description and application

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Poke method: description and application
Poke method: description and application

Achieving results is always possible with the right tools. This statement applies to any field of activity, from life planning to the most difficult task like designing spaceships.

Many books have been written on how to properly achieve goals, what tests a person must go through in order to achieve exactly the specified result, no more, no less. However, the greatest achievements were not made according to the instructions. People, driven by intuition and faith in themselves and their work, began to go into the unknown, probing the difficult path with attempts, drawing conclusions from them and starting all over again.


This way is called the trial and error method, the scientific poke method or screening. It is used in the absence of theories and sufficient material, simply sorting through possible variations, making intermediate conclusions and trying again. The final result often surprises the entire scientific community, as sometimes completely unexpected things happen.

poke method

It may seem that society is so developed that there is no point in studying anything, everything has been created, all discoveries have already been made. If you look at scientific thought more closely, the opposite becomes clear: all the discoveries that were logical have been made. There are still many mysteries left, regarding which there are only hypotheses, which can be solved just at random, using imagination, horizons, existing knowledge and courage.

The uniqueness of the method is that, under favorable circumstances, this approach is able to compensate for the lack of knowledge and skills, replacing them with perseverance and observation of intermediate results to identify positive trends

Life and development

The same can be said about the construction of life. Thousands of books have been written on correct thinking, goal setting, and the harmony of personal and professional development. All this information at first glance gives the impression of complete knowledge, a universal solution to any difficult problem. I read the book of the great politician - I began to think the same way! Why are so many people disappointed in the personal growth and development literature? The answer is the well-known truth that people are different, have their own characteristics, and any technique needs to be adapted using the poke method.

Application Methodology

The poke method can be scientifically described as attempts made one after another in order to achieve a result. These trials are not connected by logic and sequence. The basis of the method is action. Scientific research basedon serious theoretical bases, hypotheses based on the results of long-term work on generalization, derivation of trends, etc. The poke method does not require such preparation; At first glance it seems simple, but it is not quite so.

poke method according to scientific

In order to choose from a million combinations the one that will achieve the result, you need to have a sufficient knowledge base, cut off only those techniques that are obviously doomed to failure, feel the process, listen to intuition and common sense.

The poke method has no instructions, recommendations, but it allows you to go beyond the accepted, open up new areas and horizons.


The trial method in its vivid manifestation can be seen in the behavior of a child when he learns to walk, talk, when he learns a world completely unknown to him with the help of relentless actions, attempts to achieve results. How many times does a child fall before getting back up? But before getting up, he also learns to crawl. Thus, striving for the result (walking), he first tries to simply move in space, and then he learns to walk upright.

difficult task

During the school years, people are taught to observe discipline and live according to the instructions adopted in society. Ideas about what is good and what is bad from a social point of view are invested in human consciousness. However, when he begins to realize the innertheir problems, ask questions, you can hear that everyone lives like that. To go out again, as in childhood, beyond the instructions, to look at the world around with the eyes of a pioneer, to listen to oneself can be the most difficult thing.


It's not that people don't want to take action, it's just that they're trained to minimize risk. The poke method is always associated with risk. It can be a waste of time, money, relationships, any other resources, because the probability of success in action without any logic tends to zero. In this situation, everyone decides whether he is ready to take a known risk for the sake of unknown results. This method also has a touch of intrigue, adrenaline, as it largely depends on luck and the train of thought of a person.

trial and error method of scientific poke

The method of scientific poke, trial and error is a random action that has pluses and minuses. How to act in a given situation, everyone decides for himself. Only when making a decision, it is necessary to be aware of both the risks and benefits that may follow the actions.

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