The meaning of the word "forest", example sentences

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The meaning of the word "forest", example sentences
The meaning of the word "forest", example sentences

What could be more beautiful than wildlife? Of course, there are people who prefer to be in the city all the time. But still it is worth admiring the forests, fields and meadows from time to time. This article will focus on the meaning of the word "Forest". It is also directly related to wildlife.

The lexical meaning of the word

As you know, the meaning of all words is fixed in the explanatory dictionary. This is your first assistant if you do not know the definition of a particular language unit. You can find the meaning of the word "forest" in the explanatory dictionary.

  1. Impenetrable or extensive forest, difficult forest area.
  2. Forest thicket.

That is, it means the territory that is covered with dense forest thickets. We can say that this is a thicket. It is difficult to move around on it. In general, if you get into the forest, you can easily get lost. The forest envelops you in a solid wall and it is not clear where to move.

Dense forest

Perhaps, the meaning of the word "forest" is familiar to you from the song of the group "Pesnyary". Remember this one? Their hit"Belovezhskaya Pushcha" is familiar to everyone. For reference, Belovezhskaya Pushcha is called a nature reserve. It contains primeval forests.

Sample sentences

To consolidate the meaning of the word "forest", let's make a few sentences with this noun. Here they are:

  1. This is a protected forest, no one has the right to be here without special permission.
  2. The forest was so dense that it was almost impossible to move through it.
  3. thicket
  4. Three hundred years old trees grow in this forest.
  5. We decided to wander through the forest, but we were warned that it is easy to get lost there.
  6. The bowels of the forest kept unknown secrets.
  7. Remember that it is forbidden to burn fires in the Pushcha, violation of this rule is punishable by law.
  8. Some species of animals live in the forest.
  9. Walking through Pushcha is very uncomfortable. You can scratch your hands on thorny bushes and stain your clothes.

Now you know what meaning the word "forest" is endowed with, and you know how to use this noun in sentences.

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