Eyes: the meaning of the word and example sentences

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Eyes: the meaning of the word and example sentences
Eyes: the meaning of the word and example sentences

Eyes is a noun. Used in the plural form. The original form is an eye. This is a primordially Russian word, which is little used in modern speech. It is considered obsolete, as it has lost its relevance. In this article, we will reveal the meaning of the word "eyes" and learn how to use it in sentences.

Understanding the noun

As stated, the word "eyes" is considered obsolete. In modern speech, it is customary to use its equivalent - eyes.

In general, the meaning of the word "eyes" is as follows: a paired organ of vision, covered by eyelids and located in special depressions in the face of a person or an animal's muzzle.

tiger eyes

In modern Russian speech, the noun "eyes" is endowed with a poetic shade of meaning. Its use is rather limited. For example, to stylize an antique statement or to characterize eye color or to describe a look.

Poets are definitely familiar with the meaning of the word "eyes", because this noun is found in many lyrical works. How can one not recall the famous romance "Eyesblack ", which was beautifully performed by Fyodor Chaliapin. This work, by the way, has been translated into many languages.

Examples of usage

In order to fix in memory the meaning of the word "eyes", let's make a few sentences.

  • His falcon eyes were so beautiful.
  • Cheerful girlish eyes looked at me affectionately, but at the same time with mockery.
  • Green eyes
  • Although the royal eyes look far away, the sovereign is often deceived by his own subjects.
  • The young knight's clear eyes were like the color of violets.
  • Take care of this treasure like the apple of your eye (singular form), otherwise you will not be blown off your head.
  • It was an ancient form of justice: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, these were the customs.
  • From the sad eyes of the woman, it became clear that she did not have the best fate.
  • Why are your eyes so sad, why is sadness frozen in them?

Now you know the meaning of the word "eyes". It is not used in everyday life, but is still found in some works of art.

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