Composition based on Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains" (in the form of a review)

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Composition based on Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains" (in the form of a review)
Composition based on Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains" (in the form of a review)

Autumn is a strange season. For some, it seems like a rotting, gloomy pit of torture, where they are constantly reminded of a painful past and thereby driven into depression. And only a few were lucky enough to know its velvety grandeur with a golden scattering of leaves and a platinum sky.

Although, not about that now, but about the essay based on Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains" in the form of a review. Recently, a new fashion has reigned in the school curriculum: write essays-reviews about books or paintings. But, despite the fact that there are requirements, it is rare that anyone will tell you how to write such essays correctly. This is what we will fight today.

What is a review?

An essay based on Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains" most often needs to be written in the form of a review. What is an essay-reviewdifferent from the usual? Likewise, an essay should have three main parts: an introduction, a main body, and an ending. But besides this, it is necessary to write in Popkov's essay-review "Autumn Rains" what feelings the picture evoked. Pay attention to the moments that caught your eye and, of course, share valuable knowledge gleaned from the picture.

composition based on Popkov's painting autumn rains

Worth remembering: an essay-review is, firstly, a personal opinion about a book read or a picture seen, and, secondly, related information about the author himself and his work.

Composition plan

An essay based on Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains" will be much easier to write, guided by a detailed plan. After all, without a plan, thoughts will randomly wander around in a circle and, at best, you will get a certain set of proposals that are united by a common theme, but do not fully reveal it.

As already mentioned, an essay based on Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains" must be written in the form of a review. Indicating general information about the work at the end of the text is logically incorrect.

essay review on Popkov's painting autumn rains

It would be much better to write a few sentences about the picture and its author at the beginning, and only then proceed to the description of personal opinion, on which the essay is based in the form of a review. Based on this principle, the plan would look like this:

  1. How Popkov created the painting.
  2. What is in the picture?
  3. Color gamut and features of fineartist's art.
  4. What makes the piece memorable?
  5. Lifelong Friendship

By the way, using the first three points of the plan, you can write an essay-description based on Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains". It differs from the review by a detailed description of the depicted details of the work, on which attention should be focused.

About the picture

In the artistic activity of Viktor Efimovich Popkov, the painting "Autumn Rains" was the last. The work remained unfinished. The reason for this was the tragic death of its creator. In 1974, Popkov was killed by a collector: he mistakenly shot a passerby who was returning home.

Victor Efimovich was inspired to write this picture by the landscapes of the village of Mikhailovskoye. It was here that Pushkin spent so much time creating his literary masterpieces. He became the central figure of this amazing work.

Now the painting "Autumn Rains" is in the Tretyakov Gallery, and anyone can look at it.

essay description based on the painting by Popkov autumn rains

Beautiful view

For a short essay based on Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains", the following description will do. On the canvas, Viktor Efimovich painted the outstanding Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, standing on the threshold of the house and looking at the autumn landscape.

Autumn, although a sad season, is Pushkin's favorite season. Many works about autumn came out from under his pen. It was from her that he drew his inspiration. Therefore, Popkov depicted a non-oppressive autumnmelancholy, but conveyed all its charming, golden-cool grandeur. And the heavy, steel-colored sky, and puddles, and even cold gusts of wind that flutter the poet's clothes are made with a special, romantically sad charm.

Technical side of the issue

In the essay based on Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains", it is important not to forget to mention what colors the artist used and the features of applying the image to the canvas. So, Popkov, thanks to the precise and verified strokes with which the leaves and the porch are painted, was able, in the literal sense of the word, to revive the picture. Looking at the canvas, as if you feel a piercing wind, you can hear the noise of the rain and its drops breaking on the ground.

essay on Popkov's painting autumn rains briefly

The painting is mainly gray, orange-yellow and cinnamon. The leaves on the trees are painted with bright colors, which conveys the luxury and richness of the autumn decoration. The porch of the house is made in light gray tones. As if it was bleached by the constantly falling autumn rain. The figure of the poet, leaning against one of the two columns that adorn the porch of the house, is painted as if with a single, precise and sharp brushstroke. The picture shows only the silhouette of Pushkin. The artist did not depict the expression on his face, but even this is enough to feel the peaceful and inspired state emanating from the poet.


Popkov definitely managed to convey all the regal, inspiring grandeur of autumn. In the painting, he depicted a rural autumn landscape: a winding river with already cold water stretches in the distance. Over sprawlingthe platinum firmament rises with golden crowns of trees, from which heavy drops of a protracted autumn downpour are about to begin to fall. And the great Russian poet Pushkin looks at all this. He stands on the old, gray porch, leaning on one of the columns, and contemplates this landscape.

What does he feel at this moment? This can only be learned from his poems. Bright sadness and fleeting hope, seasoned with an unusually bright and warm feeling of inexplicable nostalgia, blend so harmoniously into the cold autumn landscape. And in the poems of the poet, and on the canvas of the artist, this is manifested very clearly, which is what they are remembered for.

an essay based on Popkov's painting autumn rains in the form of a review

Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains" is a tribute to the minutes that have gone forever. A visual reminder of a time when neither a piercing wind nor cold raindrops could force Pushkin to retreat to a warm and cozy office. Between nature and the poet, as if there are bonds of unity invisible to the eye. They are like old friends, between whom a time-tested silent understanding reigns.

Autumn is sad about the past summer heat, and the poet has many reasons for sadness. But this is a bright sadness, like a farewell smile, which gives confidence for a future meeting.

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