Composition based on the painting "Autumn Rains"

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Composition based on the painting "Autumn Rains"
Composition based on the painting "Autumn Rains"

A variety of tasks are included in the school curriculum. One of them is to write an essay based on the painting "Autumn Rains" by the artist Popkov. The task of the parents is to tell the son or daughter how to write such creations. The painting "Autumn Rains", despite the rather small plot, conveys a lot of emotions and moods, so you will definitely find something to write about in your thoughts.

autumn rains

How to help a child write an essay based on the painting "Autumn Rains"

In order for a son or daughter to fully convey the thought and express their emotions from what they see, you should set the child in the right way. To do this, you should first ask the child what thoughts and experiences he has when he sees the picture. If the ideas are suitable, then you can safely start writing.

In the case when a boy or girl has difficulty expressing thoughts, you should tell yourself about what you can write in an essay. This will help the child to understand in what perspectiveand with what emotions one should convey what he saw in the picture.

According to what plan to write an essay

In order for the description of the painting “Autumn Rains” to be full and complete, you should tell your son or daughter in what sequence to convey thoughts. An essay plan will help in this matter. Usually the order of writing is as follows:

  • Intro. In this part of the essay, the artist's creative life is usually briefly described. You can also tell what genre the main part of his works is in, what notes are transmitted in each of the drawings. You should also briefly tell in this paragraph what the painting “Autumn Rains” is about, what mood the image on the canvas carries.
  • The main part. This column describes in detail what is depicted in the foreground of the picture and in the background of the work. Here you can describe in what colors the plot is conveyed, what are the features and character of the canvas, on the basis of which the essay is written.
  • Conclusion. In this part of the task, you should express your thoughts about what moods the author conveyed. It is also worth describing what feelings the picture evoked and what is most important in it.
essay on the picture autumn rains

Such a plan will help the child write an excellent essay "Autumn Rains". The picture opens up wide possibilities for imagination. Therefore, writing will not be the slightest difficulty.

Essay on the painting "Autumn Rains" for elementary school students

Boys and girls of elementary grades should also be prepared for the fact that there are such tasks.For the youngest schoolchildren, teachers can also tell them to write a description of the picture (V.E. Popkov, "Autumn Rains"). The essay can be short, the most important thing is to convey the thought and idea of ​​the image. For example:

I see autumn in the picture. The artist did a good job of conveying all the colors of this season. In the foreground, a man is seen thinking. And in the distance you can see beautiful nature. It is very nice to look at this picture. It seems that I am there too.

The artist in this piece painted heavy rain. It immediately gives the impression that mid-autumn is depicted, large drops cover everything around with water. It can be seen that the person is cold and wet. But if you look into the distance, where you can see the beautiful nature, the field, the river, it seems that it will not be difficult for a person to wait out the bad weather, admiring the beautiful horizons.

Such an essay based on the painting “Autumn Rains” is quite suitable for a child of an elementary school. No need to go into details and especially images. It is enough to simply superficially describe the plot of the picture.

description of the painting autumn rains

Painting essay for high school students

Children of the fifth grade and older can fully describe the painting "Autumn Rains". They already have a sufficient vocabulary and have the skill of combining thoughts. Approximately this should be an essay on artistic writing:

Looking at the picture "Autumn Rains", you immediately understand that the author loves this time of year. I believe that every millimeterimages on canvas are filled with emotions and desire to convey their condition.

In the foreground you can see a frozen and soaked to the skin man. He wrapped his arms tightly around himself, to somehow shelter from the weather. It looks like the man was walking in the park, and he was overtaken by a heavy downpour. All surfaces on the veranda are saturated with raindrops. Water makes the wooden surface look shiny.

In the background of the picture, a view of the charming nature opens. The trees are dressed in golden decorations, and the field, barely visible in the distance, is covered with a multi-colored carpet of yellow, red and green leaves. You can also see a river that flows along the field. The overcast sky indicates that the rain will not end soon.

I believe that the author fully conveyed his mood and emotions. When I looked at the painting “Autumn Rains”, for a moment it seemed to me that I was inhaling the smell of fresh autumn leaves and the dampness of a wet veranda.

autumn rains picture

Short essay about painting

If you need to write a short essay, then it is enough to describe in general terms what is happening in the image. Indicate that in the frozen plot there is heavy rain, a person is hiding from the weather, and briefly describe the beauty of nature.

Detailed essay on the painting

If you need a structured and multifaceted essay, then you should pay attention to the details. To describe every corner of nature depicted in the picture, it is also worth describing in detail the veranda on which a person hides from the rain.

V.E. Popkovautumn rains essay

Each student has a different way of thinking. Therefore, it is difficult to unambiguously answer the question of what should be an essay based on the painting “Autumn Rains” by the artist Popkov. The most important thing is for the boy or girl to express on a piece of paper what emotions they were seized by when they saw the picture. Sincere and truthful thoughts that flow from the heart will help to fully convey the mood. A well-written essay will earn the highest marks and praise from the teacher.

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