National Seoul University: description, speci alties, documents for admission and reviews

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National Seoul University: description, speci alties, documents for admission and reviews
National Seoul University: description, speci alties, documents for admission and reviews

At universities in South Korea, a student can study from 4 to 6 years. In them, everyone receives knowledge that is given to him by highly qualified teachers. It should be noted that there are a lot of speci alties in educational institutions of this country. Moreover, over the years they become even more. This gives reason to believe that soon they will cover all areas of life.

Interesting fact: about 80% of Korean universities are private.

Seoul National University is the most popular in the state. Often on the Internet you can see its other name - SNU. It should be noted that education in it is much cheaper than in other educational institutions in Korea.

The article will describe all the nuances of this university. What documents need to be submitted, what speci alties are offered here, as well as how much tuition costs - all this is described below.

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Brief information about the university

In order to enter the National Seoul University, you must pass the test - "soonun". In fact, it is an analogue of the American SAT exam. There are three types of tasks in Sunung, which emphasize knowledge of Korean, English, and mathematics. Few questions are presented that affect skills in the natural and social sciences. But they are added to the test if the student plans to connect life with them.

Every Russian can study both free of charge and on a paid basis. Budget places are provided to both natives and foreigners. Korea annually holds a huge number of grants for its universities. This university is no exception. Some students may qualify for higher scholarships.

Students from all over the world come to Seoul National University all the time. Their goals are completely different: to complete an internship, complete their studies, acquire new knowledge, skills, learn a language. It should be noted that Korea is the only country in the world that, observing all its traditions and mentality, is one of the most developed countries. The described university allows you to fully understand the level of the educational sphere.

Faculties and majors

The university offers more than 10 faculties where you can study. The list is so extensive and covers most of the spheres of life that everyone will find their place.

A specialist diploma can be obtained by studying for the humanities,physician, veterinarian, pharmacist, paramedic, lawyer, musician, engineer. Apart from these majors, National Seoul University also has the following faculties: social sciences, natural and educational sciences, business, arts, human ecology, agricultural and liberal professions.

If a student enters a master's program, the list of speci alties is greatly expanded. Added other qualifications to the general list. For example, a person who decides to study for a master's degree can get a speci alty in dentistry, while it is not available to bachelors.

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Tuition prices

As already mentioned, one of the cheapest and most prestigious universities in Korea is Seoul National University. The faculties that are available for admission of new students do not require too much payment, of course, if we take into account the European standard of living. On average, you will have to pay from $2,600 to $5,000 per year.


Of course, dorms are not free. If a student moves into Gwannak-ku, where the largest building for student accommodation is located, then he will have to pay from $390. In this hostel, all rooms have access to the Internet, there are halls on the territory: a gym, a reading room. Foreign students are usually accommodated in the "International House". The hostel will cost $126 (minimum price).

If a student does not have a lot of money and wants to get to know Korean life better, then he can stay in the house of somefamilies. This type of residence among the indigenous population is called "Husok".

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General Admission Data

Seoul National University is popular with foreigners. "How to enter it?" - the main question. It should be clarified right away that every Russian has a chance to become a student of this prestigious university. For admission, you must provide an extensive list of documents. Moreover, for the bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies, it is different. If the applicant does not know English or Korean at a sufficient level, then special courses work at the university. After graduation, the chances of admission increase dramatically.

You can apply only twice a year. The applicant himself must choose which semester he wants to go to - autumn or spring. It should be noted that in Korea the basic system of education is slightly different. The autumn semester runs from late August to mid-February, while the spring semester runs from March to mid-July. We need to pay special attention to this.

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What documents are required for admission to Seoul National University

It is necessary to collect a list of documents and send them to the university. Which? Read the following list.

  • Korean Topic exam results. Attention! You must successfully pass the test of 3-4 difficulty levels.
  • Certificate of passing "Teps" in English or Korean. If it is not possible to hand it over (andyou can write a test only in South Korea), then the results of the English exam will be enough.
  • Application in the language in which the applicant wants to be taught.
  • Short summary.
  • A notarized copy of a passport or birth certificate, as well as a foreign passport.
  • Recommendation letter from the last educational institution. It must be translated into English or Korean.

This is a general list required for admission. However, it is not complete. For admission to the bachelor's program, you need to provide:

  • certified copy of the certificate, translated into English or Korean;
  • certified copy of the certificate issued after passing the unified national exam.

When applying for a master's program, you will also need:

certified copy of undergraduate degree translated into English or Korean

To apply for doctoral studies, you must provide:

  • documents certified by a notary on the completion of a master's degree in English or Korean;
  • plan of research that the applicant plans to conduct;
  • complete list of experiments already carried out;
  • CV in English or Korean.


Reviews of many foreigners about studying at Seoul National University make it clear that although it is possible to enter it, it is very difficult. It is necessary to make incredible efforts and do everything that depends on the applicant. However, it's worth it. Education is given onexcellent level, and after graduation, you can get a job with ease both in Asia and beyond.

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Especially doctors like this university. Bundang Hospital of Seoul National University is almost the main attraction visited by future doctors. This surgical center is considered one of the best not only in Asia, but also in Europe.

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