Where do they teach to be a cynologist in Russia?

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Where do they teach to be a cynologist in Russia?
Where do they teach to be a cynologist in Russia?

Graduation exams are approaching. This means that those guys who have already decided on their future profession begin to actively worry. And it’s good if the profession is quite common, you can apply to several universities. But what about those who chose the speci alty of a cynologist, for example? Where to go? Future dog handlers, don't worry! Now we'll tell you everything.

Cynologist - who is this?

You can often hear such a question from ignorant people. And who is the cynologist? Movie related? Yep, from the movies. Every day you can become a participant in the filming. Only you can’t reshoot the take.

Cynology is the science of dogs. And the cynologist is a "dog expert". The speci alty is very interesting, and only those who really love dogs go there. Otherwise, there is nothing to do there. Without love and understanding of these wonderful animals, a future graduate will not be able to become an excellent professional.

I love you!

Where to apply?

Where do they teach to be a cynologist? There is a very good college in the Moscow region, located in the city of Dmitrov. It is called Dmitrov State Polytechnic College.Most of the "civil dog lovers" are graduates of this educational institution.

Detention practice

Where else can a future dog specialist go? Let's do this: break down colleges and institutes by city. Do you agree? Then let's get started.

Moscow and the region

Let's start with colleges and technical schools. So, the first one was already. Now the following:

  1. Cynological College at the Academy. Scriabin.
  2. MKGS No. 38. It is located in Moscow on Profsoyuznaya Street. The term of study of the speci alty is 3 years 6 months. Only based on 11 grades.
  3. AT "Kholmogorka". This agricultural college is located in the city of Volokolamsk. The term of study in the speci alty is 3 years 10 months.
  4. GPK "Serpukhov". Provincial college of the city of Serpukhov. The budgetary form of education both after 9 classes and on the basis of 11. The term of study is 3 years 6 months.

Institutes where they teach to be a cynologist:

  1. RGAZU (Balashikha). Here you can get a speci alty livestock specialist with the qualifications of a cynologist and a felinologist. The term of study is 3.5 years for a master's degree and 5 years for a bachelor's degree.
  2. Kynological courses RKF. Recruitment is conducted all year round.

Peter FM

Where do they teach to be a cynologist in Russia? In addition to Moscow, you can get a speci alty in St. Petersburg.

Technical schools and colleges where future dog breeders can apply:

  1. College of Management NOIR and Economics.
  2. Center "Accord".

There is only one institute. It is called SPGAU. Specialization -"Zootechny" with the qualification of a cynologist.

Other cities

Where do they teach the profession of cynologist, except for Moscow and St. Petersburg? Let's talk below:

  1. AAT. This is an agricultural technical school in the city of Arkhangelsk.

  2. BGK - Humanitarian College of Barnaul. Its second name is ATKiP.

  3. There is a dog handler training school in Ufa.

  4. In the Volgograd region, the city of Dubovka, you can get the speci alty of a cynologist at the Veterinary College. Sharova.

  5. VSAU. All the same Volgograd. Agrarian University is waiting for its students - cynologists.

  6. VGAU im. Peter I. And this is Voronezh. The State Agrarian University has a Faculty of Animal Science.

  7. Yekaterinburg. Students are welcomed by the Ural Agrarian College.

  8. Irkutsk Agricultural College opened its doors for cynologists.

  9. Residents of Penza can get the desired speci alty at KZT (Kuznetsk Veterinary College).

  10. Chelyabinsk State University will train future cynologists - residents of Chelyabinsk.

  11. Yaroslavl. The legendary Velikoselsky Agrarian College, which is located in the Gavrilov-Yamsky district.

As you can see from the list, there are not so few technical schools and universities where they teach to be a cynologist.

There is such a profession

Where else can you go? To the police. For those who are obsessed with cynology, this is a direct road there. By the way, now the authorities are interested in the qualifications of their employees. Under the Ministry of Internal Affairsthere are two schools where future employees - cynologists - are sent to study.

One of them is in Ufa, the other in Rostov-on-Don. You can get into these police dog training schools only directly from the place of work.

Training lasts six months. The student is assigned to one of the indicated schools and sent there along with the dog. You need to be prepared for the fact that physical activity there is very difficult, and food is scarce. Therefore, dog handlers have to give the last piece of bread to the dog.

There are no exams in these schools, in the conventional sense of the word. There is only one - for physical training. And all the training in it is one continuous exam. Graduates return to their native nurseries very literate, but terribly thin.

RGAZU in Balashikha

What to take at admission?

Documents first. Okay, jokes aside.

In most technical schools, in order to enter the cynologist, you need to pass biology, Russian and mathematics. Institutes have different requirements. Mathematics and Russian are compulsory subjects, the third subject is usually biology. But not in all institutions.

We found out where the cynologist is taught, what exams he will need to pass. Let's move on to the question of work.

3rd year students, Balashikha

Where to go to work?

The police is one of the very first ways of a young cynologist. It should be borne in mind that dogs are trained there "in the old fashioned way". As well as they conduct training in technical schools and institutes of the country. What does it mean? Soviet systembased on Pavlov's doctrine of unconditioned and conditioned reflexes. That is, according to most teachers and dog handlers of the old school, a dog is a lot of reflexes.

police dog

Even before the war, there was such a wonderful American scientist - psychologist B. F. Skinner. He revealed to the world his vision of psychology, in particular that behavior depends on antecedent factors and consequences. Now this course has gradually turned into a conflict-free training. However, any training is a conflict. We will not go into details. The main difference between the teachings of Pavlov and Skinner is that the latter revealed a repertoire of dog behavior. It can be done by creating the right environment for it.

In Russia, they still do not understand this and do not want to take it for granted. According to the old Soviet concepts, it is more convenient to work.

So, the police are de alt with. What if you don't want to go there? Then private training. Or handling (exhibiting dogs), as an option.


From the article we learned where they teach to be a cynologist in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. What exams are taken at admission: mainly Russian, mathematics and biology.

If you really love dogs and understand them, you can become an excellent specialist. Unfortunately, this is not given to everyone. During training, it becomes clear whether a young student can become such a cynologist.

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