Reviews: MGUPP. Moscow State University of Food Production

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Reviews: MGUPP. Moscow State University of Food Production
Reviews: MGUPP. Moscow State University of Food Production

Yearly, young people graduate from the school walls, who face the need for a serious choice: where, which university to enter next? In this article, we will consider an educational institution that will help you get a higher education in the food industry - we are talking about MGUPP. Reviews, faculties, speci alties, the situation with the hostel - all this is collected in this material.

History of the university

MGUPP, or Moscow University of Food Production, was founded in 1930, however, to be more precise, at that time, by order of the People's Commissariat for Internal and Foreign Trade of the USSR, the Moscow Institute of Grain and Flour Technology (abbreviated MITZiM) was established. It was designed to train specialists in the field of the food industry, in particular, qualified engineers and other workers. 1941 was marked by the fact that the university merged into one institution with another metropolitan industrial institute. The joint institution became known as the Moscow Technological Institute of the Food Industry (for convenience, the abbreviation MTIIP was used). At that time it containedtotal 4 faculties:

  • elevator-flour;
  • technological;
  • economic;
  • mechanical.
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Then came the Great Patriotic War, which also affected the institute: the food industry suffered enormous damage. Therefore, in the post-war period, a large supply of government forces was directed to the restoration of the national economy. In particular, the number of specialists trained at MTIIP has significantly increased. The role of both existing and newly emerging professions and areas of activity was actively growing. For example, in 1952, on the basis of the institute, the training of electromechanical engineers in the field of automation of chemical and technological production began, since 1959, a training program for engineers for the design of automatic machines for the food and mill-elevator industries began, and since 1962, the graduation of professional process engineers in industries for the creation of enzyme preparations. Due to such a rapid development of the institute, the All-Union Correspondence Institute of the Food Industry was established on its platform.

1992 was a time of new changes: the then MTIIP, also known as the modern MGUPP, reviews of which will be presented later in this article, received the status of the Academy and was renamed again into the Moscow State Academy of Food Production (in abbreviation - MGAPP). After that, already in 1996, the university acquired the status of a university. Then to MGUPP, reviews of which in the future will make it possible to get a complete picture of thiseducational institution, the Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology was merged. It happened in 2011.

Current situation

. Technological areas are especially famous here, including biotechnology, modern nanotechnology and chemistry. At the same time, the minimum passing score at MSUPP for a budget form of education, in comparison with other educational institutions, is quite low - it is equal to 60-70 units for one subject taken by a graduate in the form of the Unified State Examination.

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Structure of institutes and faculties

The university has 6 institutes under its jurisdiction. This is:

  • Medical Institute for the Advancement of Doctors;
  • Institute of Production Management and Technology;
  • Institute of Sanitation, Ecology and Veterinary Education;
  • Institute of Continuing Education;
  • Technological Institute;
  • Institute of Management, Law and Economics.
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It becomes obvious that MGUPP is far from the last place among the universities of Moscow, because a wide range of directions, coupled with feasible admission conditions, continues to attract students. Training is being carried out within the walls of the universityemployees in the following areas:

  • service;
  • jurisprudence;
  • computer technology;
  • veterinary;
  • veterinary and sanitary examination;
  • applied informatics;
  • customs;
  • merchandising;
  • economy;
  • mechatronics;
  • technological equipment and machines;
  • technosphere safety;
  • quality management;
  • management in technical systems;
  • metrology and standardization;
  • food from animal raw materials;
  • life support systems, cryogenic and refrigeration equipment;
  • biotechnology;
  • chemical technology;
  • plant foods;
  • operation of transport and technological complexes, structures and machines;
  • printing and packaging technologies;
  • technologies for organizing, manufacturing products for catering and much more.

Moscow universities in facts and figures: MGUPP

Currently, about 10,000 students study at MGUPP, 500 of which are foreign citizens. Also valid here:

  • 34 chairs;
  • 33 directions for the preparation of bachelors;
  • 8 directions for the preparation of masters;
  • 38 training programs;
  • 46 PhD courses;
  • 7 scientific directions for graduation of doctors;
  • 18 internships;
  • 40 residency directions;
  • and finally 1 wine schoolexperts and sommeliers, within the framework of which MGUPP even cooperates with the Swiss University.
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Proposed terms

Bachelor's programs, which traditionally enroll graduates of the 11th grade, are taught at MGUPP for 4-5 years. Prices for studying on a commercial basis are average, as in many other universities in Moscow: for a year, you will have to pay, depending on the chosen faculty, from 74 thousand rubles and more. For the most popular and sought-after directions among incoming applicants, you will need to pay 140-150 thousand rubles annually, and this is not the limit. However, a large number of budget places can save the student's pocket: a free form of education exists for both bachelor's and master's programs and specialists. A nice addition is that it is implemented for daytime, evening, and correspondence departments. The proposed conditions are perfect for those who need to combine study and work. So, for the speci alty "Food products from plant materials" for 2017-2018, as many as 190 budget places were allocated for full-time education, and 40 for part-time education.

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How is school going? Review of MGUPP

According to the Internet user audience, the situation with studying at MGUPP is rather contradictory. Some reviews testify to the active return of the university to its former positions, the rebirth of the institution, the improvement of the situation with training and the release of truly competent and knowledgeable specialists. Similar focusof student opinions on the renewal of the university is connected with the history of 2015, which became an extremely unpleasant time for the university - by the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the admission of applicants to MGUPP was prohibited. The reason for this was that during the inspection, the commission, which entered the classroom, where, according to the schedule, classes were to be held, simply did not see either teachers or students there. However, today this is already in the past - after correcting the existing problems, MGUPP was again allowed to receive young people.

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Negative opinions

However, everything positive, one way or another, overpowers the negative reviews. The majority of users spoke negatively about the teachers of MGUPP, further development prospects, the demand for the diploma of this educational institution and the organization of the process. In their opinion, the best teaching staff were dispersed. There are stories about the negligent attitude of the authorities to their duties: for example, students can expect classes for weeks! However, the preponderance between the first and second categories of reviews is still small, and therefore it is recommended to see the situation with your own eyes once than hear about it a hundred times, since Open Days are held at the university regularly.

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From the pros

Be that as it may, students can count on social support from MGUPP: more than 7 thousand students in need of housing are provided with a hostel, state employees are regularly paideligible government scholarship. The extracurricular life of the institution is widely developed, sports and cultural events are often arranged. In addition, every year everyone has the opportunity to go on vacation to a boarding house or student camp and recharge their batteries for the next year.

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