List of universities in Sochi

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List of universities in Sochi
List of universities in Sochi

Among the universities in Sochi there are many branches of Moscow universities. However, Sochi State University is also open in the city, which offers a fairly wide variety of educational programs for undergraduate and graduate, postgraduate and speci alty programs.

Sochi State University

The main state university in Sochi is Sochi State University. Educational activities began in 1988. The mission of the university is to become the leading scientific and educational center of the south of Russia. The structural divisions of the university are the following faculties:

  • socio-pedagogical;
  • tourism and service;
  • economics and management processes;
  • legal, and others.
Sochi University

More than 4,000 people are students of the university in Sochi. The teaching staff of the university includes more than 200 people, of which more than 140 are candidates of science and more than 20 are doctors of science. In 2018, the list of educational programs of Sochi State University was replenished with the following:

  • merchandising;
  • restaurant technology.

Also, the university's educational programs include:

  • educational psychology;
  • hospitality;
  • applied informatics;
  • management;
  • architecture, and others.

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (branch in Sochi)

One of the universities in Sochi with state-funded places is a branch of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. A branch of the educational institution in the city of Sochi was opened in 1944. The structure of the university includes 4 faculties, among them economic and law faculties. There are 12 departments on the basis of the faculties, namely:

  • physical culture and sports;
  • of the Russian language and its teaching methods;
  • criminal law and procedure;
  • national and world economy, and others.
university students

For successful enrollment in the ranks of students in the direction of "History", the applicant last year had to score more than 210 points in the sum of several state exams. The cost of studying at a paid place is 63,000 rubles per year. For the direction "Linguistics", the passing score was at the level of 236. The cost of education is 70,000 rubles per year.

KubanState Medical University

There is no medical university in Sochi, so most applicants who want to become a medical worker go to Krasnodar to enter the Kuban State Medical University. Faculties include:

  • healing;
  • dental;
  • medical and preventive;
  • pharmaceutical, and others.
medical students

Also, the number of structural units of the university includes 2 clinics:

  • basic obstetrics and gynecology;
  • dental.

There are 66 departments on the basis of the faculties, 16 of which are theoretical, 50 departments are clinical.

To successfully enroll in the ranks of students of the budgetary basis of education in the direction of "Dentistry" last year, it was required to score more than 236 points in the sum of three unified state exams. To enter on a paid basis, it was necessary to score a little more than the value of 183. At the same time, the number of budget places was 40, and paid ones were allocated 150. The cost of education is 170,000 rubles. For admission to the Pharmacy program, it was necessary to score 236 points, while there were only 10 state-funded places. For paid education, 146 points were enough, there were 50 such places. The cost of education is 114,000 rubles a year.

International Innovative University

Sochi's universities also include the International Innovative University, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. Among the structuralUniversity departments include faculties:

  • humanities, management and service;
  • economics and law.
MIU in Sochi

There are 8 departments on the basis of the faculties, among which:

  • criminal law;
  • international law and international relations;
  • management and humanities, and others.

The University offers the following educational programs to applicants:

  • organization management;
  • social work;
  • tourism;
  • psychology;
  • jurisprudence;
  • accounting, and others.

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