The best universities in Kazakhstan

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The best universities in Kazakhstan
The best universities in Kazakhstan

Before graduates always after graduation, the question arises: where to go, which university, technical school, college to go to? This topic of choice is no exception for the youth of Kazakhstan. It should be noted that earlier young people with great desire traveled to other states to receive diplomas, the current situation is encouraging that universities in Kazakhstan are filled with national applicants.

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Which school to choose

Looking at the ranking of universities in Kazakhstan, we will see that the choice for education is very wide. You can acquire professions in the country in the field of the humanities, and in the art of music, and in technical branches, and in agricultural sciences. That is, there are no restrictions in the development and acquisition of almost any profession in the country.

To enter the universities of Kazakhstan and acquire a profession, you need to decide on your inclinations, interests, so that subsequently the work brings joy, satisfaction, and is not some kind of yoke andburdened you.

The choice for teaching young people is not small. Here are just some of the universities in Kazakhstan:

  • national universities (Eurasian National named after L.N. Gumilyov, Kazakh Academy of Arts T.K. Zhurgenov, Kazakh Conservatory Kurmangazy, Kazakh Academy of Choreography);
  • Education can be obtained at international universities (International University of Kh. A. Yassawi, Nazarbayev University, IT University);
  • state universities (Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute named after I. Altynsarin, Institute of Oil and Gas, Zhangir Khan West Kazakhstan University);
  • power and fiscal universities (Kostanay Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Military Engineering Institute of the Ministry of Defense, Karaganda Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs B. Beisenov).

The list can be very long.

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Ranking of universities

The national ranking of universities in Kazakhstan was compiled based on the following criteria:

  1. Evaluation of the academic activities of the university. Information is requested from several sources.
  2. Reputational assessment of an educational institution by experts.
  3. Determining the prestige of the university among employers, including regional and state bodies.

As of 2017 the rankings are as follows:

  1. Al-Farabi Kazakh University. The university, by the way, got into the international ranking of the best universities. There are a lot of speci alties: economics, technical professions, humanitarian areas.
  2. Eurasian national named after L.N. Gumilyov. At the universityabout 12 thousand talented students study both from Kazakhstan and from abroad.
  3. South Kazakhstan University. M. O. Auezov. Students can study agricultural sciences, textile and food engineering, information technology, energy, mechanics, oil and gas, construction and transport, pedagogy and culture.
  4. Karaganda University. E. A. Buketova. You can study at the Faculty of Biology, Foreign Languages, History, Mathematics and Information Technology, Pedagogy, Philosophy and some others.
  5. Pavlodar University. S. Toraigyrova.

All the listed educational institutions are multidisciplinary universities.

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How to get into higher education

Admission to universities in Kazakhstan is subject to certain rules.

Both those who live in the country and foreign citizens can apply.

It is possible to learn professions on a paid and free basis.

Foreign applicants are admitted to the universities of Kazakhstan by passing an interview.

For people with disabilities there are benefits for admission to the best universities in Kazakhstan.

If there are any misunderstandings, there are special commissions to settle and resolve certain issues.

Documents upon admission

Each applicant needs the necessary package of papers for admission to universities in Kazakhstan. List below:

  • application addressed to the responsible person of the university for admission to the courselearning;
  • available certificates, diplomas about your current education;
  • documents that you are he althy and can study;
  • certificate KTA, UNT;
  • photos for filling out the personal file of an already enrolled student.

The list is relatively small and meets the usual requirements.

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What is KTA

Before you are admitted to the universities of Kazakhstan, you must go through the procedure of comprehensive testing of the applicant. This testing is mandatory, it is approved at the level of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Note that this form of testing is intended for those people who graduated from school this year or several years ago.

For this procedure, you provide an application, passport, certificate or diplomas of your education, medical certificate, photo, receipt of payment of the fee.

All this is handed over to the commission at the right time.

Then you are tested in Russian or Kazakh language of your choice. Pass compulsory subjects: Russian (Kazakh) language, history of Kazakhstan, mathematics, a subject of your choice.

The test takes two and a half hours, the answer sheets are collected, checked, and later the results are published within the walls of the educational institution. If the results are unacceptable to you, you can apply for an appeal.

The benefits of higher education

As in many other countries, a university graduate will have priority in hiring. You are more likely to be hired by an enterprise than a person without a higher Yes, and wages in this case will be slightly higher. To improve your skills, you will be among the first to be nominated for training.

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But after graduation, you yourself will have to find a job: universities and the state leave the choice up to you. Sometimes graduates fail to get a job immediately after graduation.

Two forms of education

Knowledge in universities of Kazakhstan is received in traditional forms: full-time and part-time.

Preference, of course, is given to full-time education. Deep, extended knowledge can be obtained through constant and systematic studies at faculties under the supervision of teachers and lecturers. Moreover, the entire educational process is structured, dosed for students, which, of course, facilitates the learning process and sets the student to receive more knowledge.

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Correspondence form has a number of advantages: free time for learning, use of additional experience. But there are also negative points: not everyone can force themselves to engage systematically and daily. Moreover, medical universities in Kazakhstan do not practice this form of education. This is understandable, the most precious thing for a person is his he alth, and how to entrust such a jewel to a specialist who has not fully mastered the program, but only superficially?

Innovations in teaching

Now there is an opportunity to get education in a new way - remotely. To do this, you need to have a computer, laptop,Internet connection. Modern technologies make it possible to transfer knowledge and control the results of a student's learning in the necessary subjects. For a student, this form is good because there is no reference to time, the student finds the necessary educational materials on the Internet much easier, is able to retake any material without running after the teacher. And teachers can give lectures both online (live) and in a more convenient form offline (recorded).

True, state exams, theses and their defense are held at the university.

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