Engineer of Railways: a description of the profession, where to study

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Engineer of Railways: a description of the profession, where to study
Engineer of Railways: a description of the profession, where to study

For about two centuries, there has been one profession in demand in the field of transport - a railway engineer. From this article you will learn who it is and what it does, how to become a specialist.

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The topic will be of interest not only to secondary school students and graduates, but also to those who wish to learn more about such specialists.

Who is a Railway Engineer?

First, let's understand the term "paths of communication". This phrase implies transport, ways and roads along which equipment moves. But at present, however, as in past centuries, the phrase belongs to the railway. Even Russian institutes of railway engineers are increasingly training future railway workers, as well as builders of various facilities - civil and industrial.

Let's briefly list what faculties / departments there are in railway universities, so that it becomes clear further in which areas graduates can work:

  • locomotives;
  • cars;
  • power supply;
  • paths;
  • bridges and tunnels;
  • construction of buildings and structures;
  • signaling, centralization and communication;
  • organization of transportation management on the railway;
  • safety in the technosphere;
  • special transport equipment.

To become a good specialist and love your job, you need to take the choice seriously, familiarize yourself with the future profession in advance. And now briefly consider each of these areas.

Field of activity (industry)

To work with electric locomotives, diesel locomotives and metro trains, as well as multi-unit rolling stock, you should choose a speci alty related to locomotives. An engineer can be both a designer / designer of advanced rolling stock, locomotives, and an employee of a depot where the described transport equipment is serviced.

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Slightly different, but almost the same tasks are carried out by engineers who design or maintain freight and passenger cars. As a rule, it is desirable for a specialist to choose a specific area: freight or passenger transportation.

You can sometimes see vacancies for a railway engineer in the field of electrical supply. The specialist must be well versed in electrical engineering, complex electrical circuits, and also use devices for measuring network parameters. In addition, the designer must have a good understanding of how to build electrified lines so that they are reliable, durable and safe.

The construction of railways is not complete without engineering calculations, site selection, landscape study. The same can be said about those who build bridges and tunnels, buildings and structures. Therefore, in their work, engineers of the lines of communication of all these three branches must know perfectly well mechanics, strength of materials, and be able to solve complex problems. After all, it depends on them how long bridges, paths or tunnels will last. It is on them that the he alth and life of every employee, passenger using these facilities during their journey depend. In addition, the strength of buildings and structures is also the merit of a competent engineer.

Institute of Railway Engineers

Signaling, centralization and communication is a field on the railway, which is engaged in the installation, maintenance and repair of special equipment for dispatching radio communications, traffic lights, track circuits, automatic blocking devices and so on. A specialist must understand not only electrics, but also electronics, radio equipment.

Organization of transportation and management is mainly dispatching work, which includes, first of all, train schedules. A person should be able to make a rational and economically feasible schedule.

Safety in the technosphere or environmental safety exists in order to control emissions into the environment from railway enterprises, stations and hauls. In addition, an engineer can work at a depot or factory to train personnel in safety, as well as monitor the condition of workers.places in production.

Special transport equipment - points of recovery facilities, construction cranes, utility trains. The engineer of communications in this case must understand what benefit the unit of equipment he is designing will bring, what functions it will perform.

How to become one?

To become a railway engineer, in Moscow or another large city, you can enter the University of Railways or a branch of a similar university.

The future specialist is required to have a good knowledge of physics and mathematics, as well as be literate, able to express his thoughts. The applicant should bring the USE results in mathematics, Russian language and physics to the selection committee. Scores in these subjects must be high in order to successfully enroll in a budget place.

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You should be prepared for the fact that all the time of study (about 5-6 years) will have to be devoted to an in-depth study of technical sciences. In addition, you will need to be able to develop projects, diagrams and drawings.

Even in the 19th century, the Railway Institute was called the Corps of Railway Engineers. Currently, the name of the leading university is constantly changing, but the abbreviation MIIT (Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers) remains unchanged.

What should I know?

It is not enough just to know physics and mathematics well, you need to be able to understand your work. For example, a railroad engineer with a degree in wagons must understand how a wagon is arranged, know where which elements are located and why.intended.

The manager is obliged to schedule trains in such a way as to ensure uninterrupted operation on the railway network, to create economic benefits.

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Thus, when entering a university, it is advisable to talk with specialists, ask what the job is. And also to clarify for yourself a very important point - the medical commission, which we will talk about below.

Medical Commission

Medical examination is a mandatory event when applying for a job. Not only machinists, railway workers and power supply workers are required to be in good he alth, but also engineers. Therefore, if the heart is he althy, there are no problems with blood pressure, hearing and a serious deviation in vision, and the coordination of movement is not limited, then they will be accepted for the position.

The railway engineer regularly visits places dangerous to life and he alth, often communicates with junior staff, evaluates their work, and also makes recommendations for improving the quality of work. That is why a medical examination is an integral part of both when entering a job and planned (once a year or once every two years).

Who can work?

Engineer of lines of communication is a profession in demand, but, unfortunately, there may be more specialists than vacancies.

Institute of Corps of Railway Engineers

Therefore, you have to choose related positions. For example, a future foreman or boss needs to know his job. Therefore, you should agree to gowork as a locksmith to gain experience. The specialist will have an idea of ​​​​the work in such a way as to competently manage in the future. A person with a higher education applies for positions:

  • engineer;
  • chief engineer;
  • master/senior master;
  • boss.

Therefore, a specialist always has the opportunity to get a job in any position in his profile.

What is the salary?

The salary of a railway engineer depends on the category, length of service, region, organization.

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For example, in Moscow a specialist of the first category can receive a salary of about 55 thousand rubles, while at the same time a similar specialist in a provincial town 500 kilometers from the capital - only 20 thousand rubles.

Is there any harm in production?

Many graduates think that there can be harmfulness in production. She really is:

  • noise;
  • electromagnetic fields;
  • emission of harmful substances from transport equipment;
  • potential danger both in the workshop and on the street;
  • being outside while on duty;
  • shift work schedule.

Because you should undergo a medical examination. In addition, the specialist is responsible for the safety at the facility.

You have learned what a railway engineer is. We hope that the article will help you understand how interesting and promising this profession is.

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