What is a beef? Beef history

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What is a beef? Beef history
What is a beef? Beef history

The word "beef" refers to the enmity between representatives of rap culture. The parties to the conflict release disses - tracks that humiliate the opponent in every possible way. They use obscene language, relatives and friends of the performers are offended. As a rule, rappers exchange a whole chain of reciprocal disses. At the same time, they try to surpass each other in rhyming and reading. Many diss songs became real hits and buried the careers of some artists.

What is a beef?

This is a serious conflict between rappers. The reason for beef (translated from English beef - beef) may be an accusation of plagiarism, a difference in views on the development of hip-hop, an accidental insult.

History of occurrence

Battle of rappers

What is a beef? The first musical works, the purpose of which was to insult an opponent, appeared in the 19th century. This is how the American slaves enjoyed themselves. At the same time, the songs were not taken seriously and did not lead to serious conflicts. This feature is also characteristic of rap battles that appeared in the 20th century. But as soon as the diss began to go beyond the circle, they became an occasion for retaliation.

Gansta rappers from NWA

In the 80-90s, the confrontation between the artists was particularly tough. It was the heyday of gangsta rap. Its representatives grew up in criminal areas and were in gangs. New stars did not want to get rid of old habits, despite the we alth that had fallen on them. In some cases, confrontations ended in killings.

The most famous rapper conflict

Natorius and Shakur

What is a beef? East Coast vs. West Coast rapper rivalry led to the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious Big. These crimes have not yet been solved. The conflict began long before the quarrel between these artists.

The birthplace of hip-hop is considered to be New York. For a long time, representatives of the East were the leaders of this genre of music. But in the late 80s, rappers from California began to compete with them. Tupac and Natorius have been friends for a long time. Both rappers are considered the greatest artists in the history of hip-hop.

So, what is a beef in an example? In November 1994, Tupac was attacked in New York. The artist was robbed, he received gunshot wounds. After some time, Tupac was in prison. That didn't stop him from releasing an album. In one of the tracks, he accused Natorius of organizing the attack. Bigi did not leave the dis without an answer. A year after the robbery, Tupac's assistant, Stretch, was killed, who was suspected of colluding with Natorius.

The confrontation was supported by about 20 rappers from East and West. Insults in the tracks gradually grew into a real street war. Fights and shootouts betweenrappers no longer surprised anyone. The press also actively fueled interest in this conflict. Journalists claimed that Natorius was the one who ordered the murder of Tupac. The rapper sued them for defamation. Even fans of the artists started to feud with each other.

After the murder of Natorius, the public called on both sides for reconciliation. A meeting of rappers from both coasts took place, at which a unity pact was concluded. Since then, rapper confrontations have been resolved peacefully. Nowadays, beefs are more commonly used for album promotion.

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