Why do people need fingernails and toenails?

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Why do people need fingernails and toenails?
Why do people need fingernails and toenails?

Nails are components of the skin, consisting of horny plates that are located on the front surface of the fingertips. Nature has provided for the presence of a special bed on the last phalanx of the finger, it contains a nail that protects the nerve endings from the harmful effects of the environment.

But one question follows from this. Is this really all, and their functions are limited to a natural task? Why do people need nails in everyday life?

Strange Facts

Mother doing daughter's manicure
  • The nails growing on the hands are always longer than those on the feet. For example, we can recall monthly growth rates: on the arms - 3 mm, on the legs - 1 mm.
  • So beloved female habit of painting nails destroys them. The varnish consists of aggressive chemicals that gradually break down the components of the horn plate.
  • If a fingernail is lost, it will take 6 months to fully restore it. For plate with legs - 12 to 18 months.
  • Household chemicals work in the same way as varnish. It gradually destroys the nail plate, paving the way for various fungal infections.infections.
  • On the territory of the United States lives a woman who managed to grow the longest nails among all the inhabitants of the planet. On the day of registration, her horn plates were 8.65 meters long.
  • Any nail is formed by their keratin, fat and water, blood vessels pass under it. That is, any destructive factor that damaged the plate contributes to the fact that harmful substances from the environment penetrate through the hole and immediately enter the bloodstream.

Why does a person need fingernails


The plates located on the fingers grow faster than those on the feet. There is a theory that this is due to daily work carried out with the help of hands. Nature does not do anything for nothing, and the rapid growth of nails, she compensates for their more frequent activity, compared to the plates on the legs.

Modern man, despite all his individuality, constantly uses his fingernails. He cuts something with them, tears or just scratches. Without nails, he would not be able to pick up a miniature thing or open a valve that is complex in the device. In especially severe cases, they can be used for their own protection. Some people manage to build their own career through the work on the nail plates.

If a person loses them, then the performance of his fingers will partially decrease. He will not be able to hold a cup in his hand or play his favorite musical instrument. Over time, he will unlearn how to use computer keys or press phone buttons.

Communication of nails with the generalbody he alth

The condition of the horny plates on the limbs is a direct reflection of the overall he alth of the human body. By changes in their colors or irregularities on the surface, you can find out that at the moment the internal organs are under the influence of painful pathologies.

The reason for their development can be anything: infection, harmful effects of the environment, disease, injury, heredity, and so on. Only a specialist can name a direct source in each case.

Why does a person need toenails


The nail plates themselves protect the upper phalanx of the toes. Under them there are many nerves, damage to which threatens with serious problems for human he alth. In addition, viruses and bacteria can penetrate through the hole formed, get into the blood, and with its help spread throughout the body.

Equally important, having a nail helps to properly distribute pressure on the surface of the finger without turning it into something that looks like a soft sausage.

Now you know why people need fingernails and toenails. Carefully monitor their condition in order to notice serious pathologies in the body in time.

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