Who comes up with advertising and what are they called by profession?

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Who comes up with advertising and what are they called by profession?
Who comes up with advertising and what are they called by profession?

The Internet and television actively sell us goods, services and emotions. The buyer becomes more and more selective, and advertising - more and more sophisticated. In order to sell something, a whole arsenal of tools and methods has been invented. Advertisers have to go to tricks and invent more and more "chips" that will help attract attention, interest or like. Who generates ideas for commercials? How are ideas for creating this or that advertising banner or billboard born? Together, let's try to immerse ourselves a little in the intricacies of the profession of someone who comes up with advertising.

essence of the profession of an advertiser

Creator, copywriter or advertising manager?

Many companies write in the workbook completely different from the essence of the position, attach the duties of certain specialists to other staff units, and simply do not attach much importance to the title of the vacancy. Much more important for the employer is the skill and those talentsoffered by an employee.

A person who comes up with advertising, who is the very source of ideas in a particular company, can be called a copywriter, an advertising manager, and a creator. It all depends on what the company or agency needs.


Generator of ideas, a person who can think outside the box. A creative mindset is very important here, the ability to see the proposed product from a different angle. It is the creators who hatch the concept of a video clip or a poster in themselves, while it is quite possible that other people will be involved in the implementation and filming, the creator only submits an idea and monitors its implementation, correcting if necessary. As a rule, talented creators are highly valued, as they can find interesting solutions to many problems.

One example of a creator's work is the viral video category. In this case, the one who comes up with the advertisement focuses on creating content in which the advertised product may not be so explicitly involved, but the video itself is distributed by users on the network only because of the content of the content itself.


This is how they used to call a person who writes texts. A copywriter can write sales letters, slogans, compose text for an online store, create a script for a commercial or banner. He also does advertising. Who is suitable for this position? This should be a person who knows how to correctly express his thoughts, who can convey his idea, formulate a benefit and sell it at the text level. Despite manydelusions, this is not always a person with a philological education. Copywriters often work on social networks, blogs.

who creates ads

Advertising Manager

What exactly this person will do, each company determines for itself. The work of the manager in this case will contain exactly what is required in a particular case. Will it be just the generation of ideas, will it be necessary to work out technical subtleties, or will the manager's duty be only to find an advertiser and control copywriters? In most cases, the advertising manager carries out the entire range of promotional activities, from creating a selling text to analyzing competitors and negotiating. This will require knowledge of marketing, higher education, experience in direct sales and business communication skills.

Do I need to study?

There may not be strict requirements and conditions for considering candidates with higher education in this field, here employers will rather rely on the experience of the applicant. The decisive factor in choosing a candidate will be a portfolio in which the employer can see examples of work performed.

And yet, it is not difficult to come up with any advertisement. It is difficult to learn to come up with one that will give results. That is the purpose of a true advertiser.

You can learn the necessary skills by choosing speci alties from the field of marketing and advertising. Also an important advantage will be experience or training in the field of management, economics, public relations.

who is an advertiser

What qualities will help

In addition to having a college degree and a portfolio, important factors will be:

  1. Broad-minded. When creating advertising, having a narrow outlook is simply contraindicated. Often, the requests and tasks assigned to the creator simply do not leave a chance. For example, when the customer says: "Come up with an advertisement for the Burabay resort for foreign friends." You can find out that the place is also called Kazakh Switzerland. And beat it with such a slogan: "Burabai is budget Switzerland with Kazakh hospitality." Develop a "stretch" with the image of the mountains and lakes of the mentioned recreation areas. Thus, to demonstrate their similarity, but to emphasize the benefits of choosing the Burabay resort. After all, a trip to real Switzerland will cost more. In addition, some may need a passport. passport. This can also be emphasized.
  2. Organization skills. It goes without saying that when creating a new project that involves people and their ideas, the ability to work in a team and skills in organizing a process will greatly facilitate life.
  3. Energy. Cheerfulness, optimism, good mood and the ability to multitask always help people in creative professions.
  4. Constant self-development. It is very important to follow new trends, compare competitors, find out the news of technology that can be used in advertising campaigns. What kind of advertising to come up with if trends have changed this season? How to use the introduction of new technology? How to improve an existingadvertising? All of these questions constantly pop up in the head of the advertiser.
what is the name of the ad creator

Payment in the advertising field

In general, the remuneration of specialists in the creation of advertising can range from 30 to 120 thousand rubles. Everything will depend on the region and the advertiser.

Of course, the highest rates for advertising professionals in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

who invents advertising

The market for goods and services is so wide that selling and finding ways to tell interesting even about the most boring or unusual subject is a special gift. It is especially noteworthy that the most original ideas come from children. For example, one boy brilliantly coped with the task of coming up with an advertisement in social studies. He depicted how a child rolls a toy car on spilled sugar and captioned: "Safari in the Sahara - either this way or with us."

Thus, the work of an advertiser is a kind of innate flair, creativity, ingenuity. A special talent that needs to be constantly developed. It is perfect for those who do not like to stand still and are not afraid of difficulties, ready for the most unexpected experiments and open to everything new.

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