1906 San Francisco earthquake: casu alties and destruction, clean-up

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1906 San Francisco earthquake: casu alties and destruction, clean-up
1906 San Francisco earthquake: casu alties and destruction, clean-up

On April 18, 1906, San Francisco was rocked by a terrifying event - an earthquake. A powerful jolt shook the ground at 5:20. Before the citizens of the city had time to recover, after 20 seconds there was a strong blow, and then, like snow, a series of less strong, but sufficient destructive vibrations fell down…

city ​​of san francisco

Terrible morning

In the entire history of the existence of the city in the state of California, there have not been such large-scale, destructive disasters as on this fateful day. The beautiful city lived an ordinary measured life, gradually developed, filled with residents. Beautiful buildings were erected, factories, schools, shops with bright signs functioned … But at one moment the splendor of city buildings was completely destroyed, turning into a charred pile of stones, sadness and grief.

San Francisco residents, instead of "Good morning", April 18 at 5 o'clock in the morning were awakened by a strong shake, the noise of an explosion and a deafening siren. Underground strikes intensified andspread all over the street, tearing up granite roads, breaking walls of houses…

The San Francisco earthquake caused enormous damage to the residents of the city, not only by the fact of the incident, but also by the ensuing series of fires. The devouring flame spread throughout the streets of the city. Most of the population of San Francisco was left homeless. Houses, buildings, cars, animals, people disappeared in destructive tongues of flame… The fire lasted more than 3 days.

disaster in the city

Most contemporaries recalled how powerful the amplitude of the blows and the destructive force of the elements were. Tremors threw people off their beds, windows and walls shattered. Many significant architectural buildings crumbled in one second, like sand castles, taking dozens of human lives with them.

However, some Americans are accustomed to finding a benefit in any circumstances. Most citizens, taking advantage of the catastrophic situation, set fire to their possessions in order to obtain insurance. The desire for money took precedence over human qualities. The motive was that the buildings were insured against fire, not earthquake.

trouble in the city

Strong earthquake

The San Francisco earthquake brought death and destruction. After the disaster, about a thousand people were officially recognized as dead, but later it turned out that the number of victims was close to 3000.

Chinatown destruction

Chinatown, Chinatown, located in the heart of the city, was at the epicenterearthquakes. The main part of the impact, destruction and the number of victims fell on this particular area. The disaster caused huge damage to the quarter. The fire in the area was caused by a burning mattress that flew during a strong jolt in this part of the city.

When the earthquake in San Francisco stopped, a sad picture appeared before the eyes of the residents - Chinatown was almost destroyed.

After the incident, the authorities decided to move the area of ​​Chinese emigrants away from the central part of the city. But later, during the reconstruction, the quarter was restored, the houses were rebuilt, and Chinatown remained in its original place.

Angry Element

The 1906 San Francisco earthquake is one of the most devastating disasters of the 20th century. The power of the tremors was at least 8.6 on the Richter scale, and the impact force was equal to the explosion of thirty nuclear bombs.

Like house of cards, tall buildings collapsed, pipes collapsed, houses went underground. Tram rails and electrical wires were torn like threads, the asph alt rose in a hillock, stones scattered in different directions.

destroyed houses

One catastrophe had terrible consequences: devouring flames and powerful aftershocks destroyed the water supply and gas pipeline, which provoked a leak of gasoline and the spread of fire. The work of firefighters was greatly hampered by the lack of water. Time passed, every second was precious. Water was pumped from nearby ditches, wells, and other water supplies, but the elemental flames moved too fast, consuming onebuilding after another.

In the we althy area, a large amount of expensive wine was used to extinguish the flames.

fire around

Marauder crimes

The devastating earthquake in San Francisco has created a terrible panic and confusion among the citizens. People gathered their belongings in haste and tried to leave the city. In the first seconds of impact, about 800 people died under the rubble of decaying buildings and aftershocks. Several hundred people were injured while on the pavement and city streets, which were littered with piles of stones and concrete from collapsing buildings.

However, the thirst for profit provoked marauders to commit heinous crimes even in these terrible moments. Gangs of intruders swept through the streets of San Francisco, who were looting abandoned houses, dilapidated shops and outlets. The bandits did not disdain the dead, victims of the earthquake, lying along the roads and pavements. They ransacked their pockets, took off their clothes. A certain General Frederic Fanton decided to stop this disgrace by taking control of the situation. Martial law was introduced in the city and the situation was strictly monitored. The police were ordered to shoot to kill at the sight of the looters. About 500 people died from "dirty deeds": angry, desperate residents, upon meeting with criminals, immediately repaired lynching. The bandits were beaten mercilessly and lynched on the spot.

destruction of the church

Attack of basement rats

April 18, 1906, San Francisco was like hell. Another misfortune of the inhabitants was the invasion of rats:basement fires drove out swarms of plague-infected rats. A huge cloud of rodents swept through the streets of the city, attacking people in a frenzied fit. Biting bystanders, rats and mice spread infections, plague and other contagious diseases that previously lurked in sewers and basements in different directions. Later, an epidemic was declared in the city, many San Francisco residents infected with the plague died in terrible agony.

Elimination of catastrophic destruction

After the San Francisco earthquake, it took a long time to clean up the consequences. The picture of the affected city was sad. Destroyed buildings, charred ruins, torn road surface - once it was a modern, rebuilt settlement. The damage from the catastrophe amounted to about 400 million dollars. In general, the population of the city was 410 thousand people, most of them were left without a roof over their heads. A temporary tent camp was set up on a local beach for those who were left without a home.

Many banks burned down along with all their savings, and those that survived, by order of the authorities, gave money to the victims of the fire to restore or build housing.

Five hundred neighborhoods were affected by the devastating fire disaster, including schools, libraries, theatres, churches, monasteries, city hall and private homes.

Modern San Francisco

The state of California, where San Francisco is located, has never experienced such a powerful earthquake in its entire history.

At the moment, the city is flourishing and expanding, it is home toabout 3 million inhabitants.

San Francisco

In the middle of the 20th century, a stable skyscraper with 48 floors was built in San Francisco. The project's engineers claimed that the building was invulnerable to any kind of earthquake and would withstand any impact.

The city suffers about 20 tremors every year, but no buildings are destroyed or suffer from constant earthquakes. After the disaster in 1906, the builders gained valuable experience in building structures so that no natural disasters could harm.

However, scientists suggest that if such an element hits the city again, the consequences could be more devastating than a century ago, and there will be many more victims among the population of San Francisco than in 1906. If the terrible catastrophe that occurred a century ago were repeated now, it would bring more destruction and human casu alties. Scientists are making every effort to prevent the destructive effects of a possible earthquake.

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