Validity of the Unified State Examination. What to do if the validity period has expired?

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Validity of the Unified State Examination. What to do if the validity period has expired?
Validity of the Unified State Examination. What to do if the validity period has expired?

In the modern education system, the points scored as a result of passing the Unified State Examination by a student is the surest way to enter the chosen university and continue studying in a speci alty of interest within higher education. Therefore, many are concerned about the question: "What should I do if I did not pass the exam or passed, but did not enter on time?" Let's find out how long the USE results are stored.

General information

USE is an official test based on secondary education. This exam refers to graduation for students in grade 11, as well as entrance to higher educational institutions of the country.

According to the unchanged rules, in order to successfully pass the state testing, a graduate must pass two compulsory subjects - Russian, mathematics (profile or basic level) and two or more subjects to choose from. For each, he must score a threshold score, but to participate in the competition forbudget places in the university, these scores should be as high as possible.


If a student failed to pass a particular subject with a satisfactory grade, he can try to retake it on additional dates, or the next year according to the established schedule.

Expiry date of USE results

Often, due to certain life circumstances, a graduate cannot enter the chosen university in the year of passing the Unified State Exam. But this is not at all a reason to be upset. For such cases, the USE does not expire within a year. This rule is established in the law on education.

According to it, the validity of the exam is four years following the year of receipt of the test results. This means that if the results were obtained in 2018, then they will be valid until 2022.

The same principle applies to the duration of the Unified State Examination if the student entered a university, studied, for example, for three years and decided to enter another speci alty. He can retake the subjects that interest him, and provide the subjects, the results of which suit him, unchanged.

Validity period of the USE certificate

A certificate is a special document that is issued to a graduate or his parents and indicates that this student has passed the Unified State Test. The validity of the USE certificate is also four years.

USE certificate

However, in 2014, it was decided to cancel the paper carrier of this important information.Now the results of all graduates who have passed the exam are stored in a single database. If desired, at any time, you can request the necessary information and receive it after a few simple procedures.

This system database keeps results from being lost.

Government testing expires

If a graduate graduated from high school a long time ago and has not thought about entering a higher educational institution for four years, then his results cease to be relevant. He will no longer be able to enter the university of interest to him due to outdated information about testing.

In this case, if the USE has expired, the higher education system is merciless. To enroll in a university, all the subjects necessary for enrolling in the chosen speci alty will have to be prepared and retaken according to the schedule of the Unified State Exam.

Unified state exam

There is also an option to enter a college or technical school, where they do not require a USE certificate, and after completing it, take entrance exams directly at the university.

State test results are very important information that gives the graduate a ticket to the world of higher education. Therefore, they should be taken seriously and it is advisable to use them immediately for admission to the university.

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