What is roll call at school, why and when is it held

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What is roll call at school, why and when is it held
What is roll call at school, why and when is it held

For teachers, roll call is an annual formal event, but for parents of first graders, even this word itself may seem only remotely familiar. What is roll call at school? How is it conducted in junior, senior and middle grades? What should I bring to roll call?

what is roll call at school

What is roll call at school?

Roll Call is an annual school event that takes place a few days before the start of the next school year. Roll call can be held a week before the first day of school. The exact date and time of this event is reported to the representative of the parent committee by the teacher (class teacher of the team), and the parent already conveys the information to the others. Also, the announcement of the roll call is posted on the doors of the school in the second half of August.

What is roll call at school? This is an activity where the teacher meets with his class after the summer break to check the student list.

Special cases

In some schools there is no roll call at all. kids justcome on the first of September in festive uniform, with flowers and briefcases. Then everyone gets textbooks. Schedules or other details are sometimes communicated via email, social media, or other communication channels.

first grade

In first and fifth grades (and sometimes also in seniors: fourth, ninth, eleventh) teachers hold the first parent meeting before the start of the school year. This is especially important for parents of first-graders, whose first child is going to school, and they themselves no longer remember all the nuances of school time.

How is the school roll call?

First grade teachers come out with signs that will help parents of first graders find a class teacher for their children. In some schools, the director or head of education announces into the microphone the last name, first name and patronymic of the teacher who takes the first-graders (he comes forward), then alternately the names and surnames of the children who go to this class. After the children, together with their parents, approach the teacher, they go up to the classroom to solve organizational issues.

How is the middle and high school roll call? By the sixth or eleventh grade, students and their parents already know their class teachers well, so it makes no sense to announce the name of the teacher and the composition of the class from the porch. The exception is the fifth grade, since when moving from junior to secondary school, the class teacher changes, as well as class groups that have changed teachers.

school roll call

What parents of first graders need to know?

What is roll call at a first grade school? As a rule, some first-graders get acquainted with the school even before the solemn line at the beginning of the school year. Some of the children, for example, are involved in the first call. They get the words, go to rehearsals, then attend the dress rehearsal on August 30th or 31st. Other first graders attend school for the first time when they go to roll call.

Do I need to take a first grader to roll call? Often in the first grades, roll call is a parent meeting, but you can and even need to take your child with you. A first grader will at least get to know his first teacher, and on the first of September there will be a lot of stress. But everything, of course, depends on what goals the class teacher sets, so you can just clarify this question in advance.

Roll-call is rarely held in solemn form. Children and parents can come in casual clothes, but you need to bring a pen, notepad or notebook to write down important moments, a bag for textbooks.

roll call of first graders

Roll call in first grade

The enrollment of children in school is an important event. Every year, new children come to the school team, who study within the walls of their native educational institution for eleven years. The newbies don't know anything about the school, the guys are just trying to be students. Therefore, roll call can introduce children to the school.

Usually, the teacher first tells how many students are in the class, how many boys and girls, lists everyone by name, marking those present, gets acquainted with hiswards and their parents. The class teacher will tell you about the school building (what and where is located), how many children study here, about what you need to study.

If the roll call coincides with the parent meeting in the first grades, the class teacher asks parents to fill out several questionnaires to find out the information needed to draw up students' personal files, gives a list of what you need to buy for school, explains how to contact him. In this case, the roll call for the first grades is usually held one to two weeks before the start of the school year, so that parents have time to get their children ready for school. Sometimes a school psychologist or head of education is present at such a meeting.

how is the rollover

Information for class teachers

Teachers hold a roll call every year, but this event still needs preparation. At roll call, class teachers should:

  • check class lists (if all are present);
  • prepare recommendations for the first call, familiarize students and parents with them;
  • announce classroom schedule and (for middle and high school students) at school;
  • remind school traditions;
  • report class schedule;
  • give out textbooks;
  • answer all questions of interest to students or their parents.

Following the roll call, class teachers should prepare four sets of lists of students in the class: for themselves, for the school he alth worker, for subject teachers, for students andparents. You also need to fill out journals, clarify the weekly workload, check the readiness of the office for the start of classes.

enrollment of children to school

What should a teacher pay attention to?

As for the roll call, attention should be paid to absent students and the availability of textbooks. Those who were absent should be called to find out the reason. The roll call of first graders and the parent meeting should be especially carefully planned. The experience of many teachers shows that roll call is best done no later than August 26-27.

For class teachers of first graders

With the parents of first-graders, the teacher usually has something to talk about, they ask a lot of questions and are interested in many things, so the meeting is often delayed. It is worth drawing the attention of parents to the fact that the child needs help to adapt to school life. You can offer parents the exercise "Feel like a first grader." To do this, print out copybooks, some stars and circles that need to be circled, and so on, and invite parents to circle the figures with a non-dominant hand.

roll call at school

At the first meeting, it is worth mentioning everything that is clear to the teacher, but may not be completely clear to the parents. For example, be sure to remind that you should not be late for school, you should come in uniform, notebooks should be in covers, you should wear change of shoes every day.

The list of things for parents of first graders needs to be compiled in more detail. It is worth devoting time to paperwork - filling out applications for meals for schoolchildren,extension, conduct a survey. The teacher really has a lot of paper work, so it’s worth doing it measuredly in order to do everything on time.

You need to prepare well for the roll call meeting with the parents of first graders. Then the meeting will be easy, without hesitation, everything will be in time, and you will not forget to remind moms and dads of your students, as well as the schoolchildren themselves.

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