Parent meeting in grade 2: topics and highlights

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Parent meeting in grade 2: topics and highlights
Parent meeting in grade 2: topics and highlights

Parents meetings are an important part of the educational process, especially in elementary school (1-4), transitional (5) and senior (4, 9, 11) grades.

Purpose of parent-teacher meetings at school

Parent meetings are necessary for the parents themselves, and for the students, and for the teacher.

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Parents can learn about their child's academic success, difficulties, some outstanding abilities and communication with peers. The benefit for students lies in the fact that, as a result of the parent meeting, usually (at least for a while) interaction between adults and children and with the school is established, which, as you know, is an important part of the educational process.

A teacher during a parent-teacher meeting in grade 2 can find out the situation in the family and make certain recommendations.

Frequency of parent-teacher conferences at school

Meetings are held 4-5 times per academic year. At the parent meeting in the 2nd grade, as well as at the meetings of the teacher with the parents of students in other years of study, organizational issues are decided, planned and subject todiscussion of the construction of the educational process, the main lines of cooperation between the parent committee and the school are determined, the results of the work of the class team for the past academic year are summed up.

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Types of parent meetings by topic

Discussion of the results of student learning activities can, but does not have to be the main topic and argument for organizing a parent-teacher meeting in grade 2.

From the last statement, you can determine the types of parent meetings. Meetings with parents of students in terms of content and issues under consideration can be organizational, current, thematic, final, in terms of the scale and number of parents and teachers present, school administration - class or schoolwide.

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Steps in preparing for a meeting with students' parents

The following stages of preparing a parent meeting (2nd grade) can be distinguished:

  1. Topics, questions, agenda, invitation of all participants. The organization of the meeting begins with determining the main issue to be considered, determining the date and time of the meeting, inviting all participants, which can be not only parents, but also the school administration, school he alth worker, psychologist, and so on.
  2. Preparing a summary and holding a meeting. A detailed outline of the parent meeting (grade 2) should be prepared by the teacher in advance. Of course, one cannot “read from a piece of paper” (except in certain cases, for example,legislative acts that parents need to be familiarized with) - this in a certain way undermines the authority of the teacher. In addition, organizing and holding a meeting is a creative process, you need to make a plan, but also provide for the fact that everything can go completely off track.
  3. Summing up the results of the parent meeting in the 2nd grade. Based on the results of the conversation with the parents of the class team, it is necessary to draw conclusions, formulate certain decisions, give general information about the next meeting (at least an approximate date, for example, the end of November). The protocol of the parent meeting (grade 2) will help in determining the results.

Rules for preparing a parent meeting

There are a few rules to keep in mind when preparing to meet with parents of students. Firstly, the topic of the parent meeting in the second grade should be relevant and interesting to parents. This means that it is not necessary, for example, in the second year of schooling to talk about the adaptation of a first grader. But the topic of helping parents with homework is more universal and suitable for discussion at a meeting.

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Secondly, the meeting must be held at a suitable time for those invited. As a rule, meetings are held at 17-18 hours on weekdays, that is, after work.

Third, parents should be aware of the plan for the meeting. The topic can be announced even when inviting all meeting participants to the parent meeting. For example, if you are planning a meeting on the topic “The Role of the Book in Child Development,” write it toa message that is pasted or recorded in the student's diary, report by phone. A detailed plan of the meeting (the list of issues to be discussed) is better to announce at the meeting itself.

Fourthly, the teacher should communicate with parents with restraint and politeness, not label them. It is necessary to be as tactful as possible in resolving contentious issues, not to develop conflicts.

The minutes of the parent meeting (grade 2) are not required, only if it is not required by the rules of the educational institution or the school administration in a separate order. But, of course, in order to further analyze the results and determine decisions on the meeting with parents, the teacher needs to take certain notes during the meeting.

Advice from psychologists on organizing and holding meetings

Before the start of the meeting, the teacher should announce to the meeting the topic and a more detailed list of questions for discussion. Thank you parents for taking the time to come. Fathers are especially worth thanking for their participation in the life of the child.

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The meeting should not drag out for more than an hour and a half. Psychologists also advise starting a discussion of any issue with positive points, and only then move on to negative ones. All negative statements should be backed up with proposals to normalize the situation in the future.

Parents need to be warned that not all the information that is discussed at the meeting can be passed on to children, to convey to them an absolutely fair idea that a "bad student" does not mean"bad person". In a personal conversation with the child's parents, the student's progress should be evaluated in relation to his personal abilities.

It is not necessary at the parent meeting (1st, 2nd grade and all subsequent ones) to condemn parents for not attending the previous meeting. It is impossible to give a negative assessment to the entire class team, to compare the success of students with each other and with other classes, and also to overestimate the importance of specific subjects. Remember well that in communicating with parents you need to be extremely tactful and correct.

Organizational meeting at the beginning of the year

In the second grade, you can have several meetings with parents on different topics. Of course, the first parent meeting (grade 2) will be organizational. You can hold such a meeting a couple of weeks after the start of the school year - in the middle or end of September.

At the organizational parent meeting (Grade 2), a survey is conducted to update information in the personal files of students. Questionnaires for parents usually contain questions about the education and place of work of parents, the presence of other children in the family, belonging to a privileged category (complete / single-parent families, large families, families with a disabled child, housing, income level, and so on). You can enter questions related to upbringing: who in the family is engaged in raising a child, what attitudes the parent highlights, are there any problems associated with raising a child.

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You also need to ask questions about the child's he alth. Usually such questionnaires to class teachershanded out by the school he alth worker. The questionnaire contains questions about the child's illnesses, injuries, the presence of chronic diseases or allergies, and other he alth features.

Meetings for the quarter and half year, interim

What other topics of the parent meeting (grade 2) should be discussed? The second meeting can be held at the end of October - November. At this meeting, preliminary learning outcomes are discussed, parents can be reminded of the rules for children to do different types of work, explain how you can help your child do homework.

The third meeting is held in December. Based on the results of the first half of the year, a survey of parents is carried out, and the results of children in school are discussed. You can add to the meeting plan a conversation about the daily routine of a younger student, the need for a he althy lifestyle, he alth and physical activity. At an interim meeting in February, parents can discuss the safe interaction of the child with the computer. This is especially true, given that in many schools in the second half of the 2nd grade, computer science is added to the list of subjects.

In March-April, at the next parent meeting, you need to familiarize parents with the results of checking the reading technique of students, tell them how to develop children's interest in fiction, and discuss why it is important to teach a child to read.

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The last parent meeting in 2nd grade is held in May. At this meeting, the teacher should familiarize parents with the results of the school year, explainhow to complete tasks for the summer, give a list of literature. You can conduct a survey to find out the wishes of parents for the educational process for the next year.

If necessary (conflict between children, serious problems in school, other urgent issues that require the participation of all parents, and so on), an additional meeting should be organized.

Parent meeting (Grade 2): GEF

Separately, a meeting with parents is usually held according to the Federal State Educational Standard - the standard of education. The teacher should familiarize the parents of students with the strategic document in the field of education, explain the requirements for learning outcomes imposed by the Federal State Educational Standards, priority areas for the development of younger students, and so on. You can hold a separate parent meeting (grade 2) "FGOS" or familiarize parents with the provisions of the law during another meeting.

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