How to write a number in standard form

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How to write a number in standard form
How to write a number in standard form

Would you like to learn how to write huge or very small numbers in a simple way? This article contains the necessary explanations and very clear rules on how to do it. The theoretical material will help you understand this rather easy topic.

Very large values

Let's say there is some number. Could you quickly tell how it reads or how big its meaning is?


Nonsense, isn't it? Few people can cope with such a task. Even if there is a specific name for such a value, in practice it may not be remembered. That's why it's customary to use the standard view instead. It's much easier and faster.

General entry

Standard view

The term can mean many different things, depending on what area of ​​mathematics we are dealing with. In our case, this is another name for the scientific notation of the number.

She's really simple. Looks like this:

a x 10

In this notation:

a is the number that is called the ratio.

Coefficient must be greater than or equal to 1 but less10.

"x" - multiplication sign;

10 is the base;

n - exponent, power of ten.

Thus, the resulting expression is read as "a times ten to the nth power".

General record example

Let's take a specific example for a complete understanding:

2 x 103

Multiplying the number 2 by 10 to the third power, we get 2000 as a result. That is, we have a couple of equivalent variants of writing the same expression.

Transformation algorithm

Take some number.


It is inconvenient to use such a number in calculations. Let's try to bring it to a standard form.

  1. Let's count the number of zeros lying on the right side of the three. We get twenty-nine.
  2. Let's discard them, leaving only a single digit. It equals three.
  3. Add the multiplication sign to the result and ten to the power found in paragraph 1.

3 x 1029.

That's how easy it is to get an answer.

If there were others before the first non-zero digit, the algorithm would change slightly. I would have to perform the same actions, however, the value of the indicator would be calculated by zeros on the left and would have a negative value.

0.0003=3 x 10-4

Transforming a number facilitates and speeds up mathematical calculations, makes writing a solution more compact and clear.

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