School "Foxford": reviews of parents

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School "Foxford": reviews of parents
School "Foxford": reviews of parents

Foxford School provides online learning services for students, teachers and parents. The resource has state accreditation, so after the course you can get advising confirmation in paper or electronic format. Most of the school's services are paid, however, there is a whole list of free educational opportunities, such as preparing for olympiads, as well as participating in a special competition from the school itself. The opinions and reviews of parents about the Foxford courses are mostly positive, however, there may also be negative opinions, of which the minority.

What is "Foxford"

As mentioned earlier, Foxford is an online school for students and adults. For teachers, special refresher courses are held, mainly in the summer. This school is the largest and most famous in the territory.Russia. Due to the fact that training is conducted online, teachers do not need to be located in the territory of one office or even a city. Most of the managers, teachers and other specialists of the school live throughout Russia. This is confusing for some, as some regions may have weaker Internet connections, which is why there are problems with online lectures. However, this is very rare. Often, problems are encountered on the part of students, as evidenced by the feedback from parents about Foxford.

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Services Provided

The number of services provided by the Foxford school includes preparation for passing the Unified State Examination and the OGE, olympiads, as well as general courses in school disciplines. Classes can be held in general and individual order. The differences between these formats are that during individual lessons, the student has the opportunity of direct contact with the teacher via Skype, the explanation of all the material takes into account the needs and level of the student, which makes learning much easier: this is clearly indicated by the parents' feedback on Foxford.

General classes are also held online, however, the lecture is viewed simultaneously by several people, each of whom has the opportunity to ask questions in the chat and receive an answer from the teacher online. This option is suitable for those who are ready to study on their own and quickly learn the material taught.

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In both cases, the studenthomework assignments will be given, which should be handed over through a personal account. The deadline is limited, and the deadline is also indicated in the student's account. At the same time, the student can ask questions about the assignment to the teacher, in case of difficulties.


Foxford parents' reviews contain a lot of information about the quality of teaching and the convenience of online lectures for the student. This is largely due to the fact that the student does not need to travel anywhere, and to attend classes it is enough to have access to the Internet. Also, the student can ask the teacher about all the incomprehensible moments of the lesson and homework from the teacher at any time. Such classes often have a lower cost than lessons from experienced tutors or when taking various courses.

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All teachers of the school have considerable experience as school teachers or teachers at the university. Many have serious scientific achievements and diplomas, information about which can be found on the official website, which also affects the positive feedback about the Foxford school.


This item is very rare, and is usually quickly corrected or explained by the service. Among the most noticeable disadvantages in the reviews of the Foxford courses were face-to-face classes, in which, at certain points, shortcomings in the organization of events were recorded. Also, some note problems with the quality of lectures, or rather, with the level of communication. The Internet signal during the activity may beweak enough, due to which there are failures with the picture or sound. However, this problem is often fixed in some lecture attendees, and not all at once.

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The school tries to correct all existing shortcomings as soon as possible. Negative reviews about the Foxford home school often receive a response from the administration of the service, which contains an explanation for the occurrence of these problems, or a proposal to return the money spent if the courses taken were ineffective or abandoned by the student himself.

Cost and quality of services

The price of one hour of class in the general group is about 190 rubles. The lesson lasts 2-3 hours on average. It can be done once or twice a week. The teaching staff is checked in advance by the administration of the service, so that only verified teachers can conduct classes. Many of them have been conducting courses on this service for several years and have considerable experience in interacting with students, and also know the nuances of lectures.

In the case of lectures for parents and refresher courses for teachers, teachers with experience in conducting similar classes at the university level are also selected.

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If the participant is dissatisfied with the quality of the services provided, the participant has the opportunity to return the funds spent by contacting the administration of the service. Do not forget about the various promotions held by the service, thanks to which a person can save a lot,by purchasing the full course of lectures.

General opinion

Foxford's parents' feedback is often positive. It should be noted the high level of organization of classes, starting from the moment of applying for courses, ending with the receipt of a certificate of completion. After submitting an application for the purchase of a particular course, each client of the service will be contacted by a manager who can clarify the details of interest. However, a specific employee is not assigned to the client, so many are faced with a situation where each call is answered by a different specialist, which can ultimately confuse users. At the same time, this feature is very convenient, because it does not make customers wait long and in the shortest possible time brings a specialist in touch who can answer their questions.

Foxford courses and reviews make it clear that the school employs high-level teachers who conduct qualified lectures, thanks to which the service has earned a decent reputation in the field of educational resources.

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