The most interesting tasks for a child 4-5 years old

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The most interesting tasks for a child 4-5 years old
The most interesting tasks for a child 4-5 years old

Every parent wants their baby to be developed and inquisitive from childhood. What is not done to achieve this goal: countless books are bought, solution books for the smallest, toys and coloring books. Now it is very easy to find tasks for a child of 4-5 years old, and our article contains only the best exercises aimed at improving logical thinking, speech development and general developmental tasks.

Logic tasks are one of the most important for children

Logical thinking helps the child all his life. It is thanks to a well-developed logic that the baby does not get into children's "trouble" and does not commit acts for which he can then be punished. Logic exercises are the first thing to start with the development of a child of 4-5 years old.

tasks for a child 4 5 years old

Assignments can be different, the most popular were and still are riddles. For example:

1.Gray furry beast, Running on four legs, Loves milk, believe me

And does everything furtively.

Who is this?

2. This little animal is not loved, Always afraid, screaming and catching.

No one will buy it in the store, They call it kitty dinner.

Who do you think it is?

3. Little bird

In a gray jacket

Not a bullfinch, not a titmouse, Cats chase him, and he collects crumbs.

It is very important to communicate with the child while performing tasks, prompt, ask questions: "Do you know who this is? What are your thoughts?". Developmental tasks for children 4-5 years old should not be very difficult. At the initial stages, you can show pictures with the answer after reading the riddle.

The second type of logical tasks is finding a pair, for example, a cat - a kitten, a cow - ? (calf, solved according to the principle: mother and child); shirt - tie, trousers - ? (a belt is decided according to the principle: what a thing is tied up with from above); chicken - egg, bee -? (honey, decided by the principle: what the animal gives to the person). This series can continue indefinitely, even the parent himself can create similar tasks for the baby.

Assignments for a 4-5 year old child like puzzles are another effective and fun way to help your child learn logic.

Develop speech

Tasks for a 4-5 year old child should also include a set of speech therapy exercises. However, first you need to find out which sounds are disturbed, and only after that select tasks.

The most effective way to work out missing or unpronounceable sounds is to pronounce the words after the parent. There are 3 words for each sound (the problematic letter must be at the beginning, middle, end).

[C] –bag, paddle, kvass;

[Z] - hare, goat, cart;

[Ш] - step, pedestrian, reeds;

[F] - giraffe, fire, crew;

[Щ] - goldfinch, lizard, ivy;

[L] - fox, scarf, crocodile;

[R] - cancer, muzzle, ball.

educational activities for a child 4-5 years old

By finding sounds in both strong and weak positions, the baby will understand that the word is not always pronounced as it is written. You can also work out each sound separately, starting with deaf and ending with voiced, complex ones, such as [Р].

Parents themselves can make speech therapy assignments. Animal and cartoon themes are perfect for children 4-5 years old. Do not forget that the exercise is not a boring lesson in which the child will fall asleep, but a fun activity that helps him deliver his speech.

General development

At the age of 4-5, a child should already know the main animals: a wolf, a fox, a bear, a hare, a squirrel, a cat, a dog, etc. Even a baby with difficulty, but still needs to know the months. First, you can show him association cards, for example, in December - a Christmas tree, New Year, snow melts in March, snowdrops bloom, the sun shines in June, schoolchildren are on vacation, and in September, students, on the contrary, go to school. Such uncomplicated tasks for a child of 4-5 years old will seem difficult at first, but he is only learning, learning the world, so you should not scold him or punish him in case of failure - after a few lessons he will learn everything himself.

Small children do not always know how to tie their shoelaces, do not distinguish between right and left, do notknow the days of the week, etc.

speech therapy tasks for children 4 5 years old

Here, again, visual pictures showing a particular process will help. These cards can be printed or drawn with the child. Days of the week, for example, depict as a tree with branches-days; in order to learn to distinguish between right and left, draw little men who look either to the right or to the left (you can come up with outdoor search games, for example, turn right, go straight, turn left, and at the end the baby should be in for a surprise).

The importance of activities with the baby

Various tasks for a child of 4-5 years old are extremely important, because it is at this age that he learns the world, discovers new things and learns what will be useful to him throughout his life. The task of parents is to help their child achieve developmental results and instill in him a love of knowledge.

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