Rhyme to the word "us" is not given to everyone

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Rhyme to the word "us" is not given to everyone
Rhyme to the word "us" is not given to everyone

Sometimes, it finds a person, and he begins to write poetry. Sometimes ordinary rhymes are obtained, which mean nothing and, in principle, cannot be considered poetry, and sometimes real works that reflect the inner state of a person. It is believed that most often people write love poems, and you can often find pronouns in them. Rhymes for such words are not easy, so we are trying to help. The rhyme for the word "us" is not for everyone, but perhaps our selection will help you catch your muse. Let's go straight to the question itself. Maybe it is the rhyming dictionary we have proposed that will play a big role in your work?

"Love" rhymes

Nas - romance - saved - this is a good combination of words with an obvious rhyme, they will fit well into a poem if you think over the plot and further actions.

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Nas - full face - a slightly strange combination of words, suitable for extraordinary poems with unusual rhymes.

Us - Lovelace -words are the best fit for poems on the theme of unrequited or unsuccessful love / betrayal.

Nas - went out - assonance - what can go out? Source of love, life, soul, even light after all. Assonance, by the way, can also go out if the text means the extinction of fusion, similarity, etc.

These would all make for a sweet poem, and the rhyme for "us" would be a little unusual anyway, as there aren't many words that sound like it.

Strange rhymes

Us - Pegasus - color. If you are a fan of magical themes for poetry, then this rhyme will suit you perfectly. "Color" can be used in conjunction with "Pegasus" or as a separate metaphor. So let's fill the poem with strangeness!

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Nas - lazybones - double bass - the combination could also be attributed to the theme of love (the word "loafer", put at the beginning of the poem, would set the melody for the whole verse). These three words can be called the most unusual rhymes.

The right rhyme for the word "us" is not always found even among experienced authors. Perhaps, in your poem, you can add a little strangeness in the form of loafers with double basses?

The most important thing in lyrics, according to many literary critics, is rhyme. It is not so easy to find a rhyme for the word "us", but do not despair and abandon the pronoun altogether, especially since a real poet never gives up.

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