Rhyming with the word "dreams". Rhyme selection

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Rhyming with the word "dreams". Rhyme selection
Rhyming with the word "dreams". Rhyme selection

Sometimes it finds, and you sit down and start writing: about nature, about love, about people, about yourself. Someone's prose is good (and really, write a text for yourself and don't think about anything, the main thing is that it be understandable to the reader), but what about lyrics, poetry? Here you need to think, choose the most suitable rhymes, enter rhymes into the text and make a more or less adequate work out of all this.

Explicit rhymes

Let's go from the simplest: you, dreams, flowers - these are quite common words, they will fit any love poem. If the author dedicates a poem to someone, he refers to him as "you".

The short adjectives "empty" and "yellow" can also refer to strong rhymes. Paired with the word "dreams" they really complement each other: dreams are empty. The word "yellow" can be used as a metaphor or contextual epithet, such as "yellow days".

strong rhymes

“Saints” is a rather strange rhyme, but if your poem is unusual, then this rhyme for the word “dreams” will fit perfectly.

Bridges - dreams - a great combination: both words begin and end with the same letter,what else do you need to rhyme?

All these combinations are good enough for both love poems and abstract works, but still the word "dreams" is often used specifically for love poems.

Less explicit rhymes

After all, there are blank verses without rhyme, and many authors prefer to write in this style. This is not to say that the following list of words will be ideal for writing blank verse, but still these are not strong rhymes either.

For example, dreams - objects - peals: at first glance, this combination cannot be called a rhyme at all, but there are poems where some words have to be put the wrong stress in order to "fit" the rhyme.

the best rhymes

Dreams - cool - alien: this type of rhyme is called inaccurate - the words are consonant, but do not end in the same syllable.

Writing poetry is a serious matter, so you need to prepare for it in advance, think over the plot of the verse and pick up some rhymes. There are a lot of rhymes for the word "dreams", but there are not so many really suitable ones in this set.

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