An awl for soap, or the history of one transaction

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An awl for soap, or the history of one transaction
An awl for soap, or the history of one transaction

Sometimes it is enough to say a short and concise phrase, and your interlocutor will understand you without further ado. This is the beauty and power of proverbs, sayings and phraseological turns that everyone knows. We use them every day in colloquial speech, sometimes without thinking about it, easily and naturally. So, today's publication is devoted to the following topic: what does it mean?

awl on soap meaning

Meaning of phraseology

As you know, phraseological units are stable expressions that give brightness and richness to speech, while reinforcing the semantic message. In addition, I would like to note that phraseological units do not have an author. More precisely, a specific person, because in this case the author is our people.

So, what is the meaning of the expression "an awl on the soap"? It is this phrase that people often use if they want to emphasize that they did not benefit from an exchange of some kind, while for some reason they had to make a choice, and the conditionsthe latter did not satisfy them. Since, in fact, there was no choice, I had to choose the worst from the worst.

The explanation of the meaning of this phraseological unit is clear, but the following question remains unclear: why and why do we decide on an exchange of this kind? Does it happen consciously or by chance? As you know, all people make mistakes. Still, it's good that there is only one single phrase with which, without resorting to lengthy explanations, you can say what happened now.

awl on soap what does it mean

Inability to wait or wrong motivation

The expression "nothing wrong", the meaning of which boils down to the concept of a useless or unequal transaction, can serve as an instructive lesson, say, to a person who does not know how to wait. After all, those who know how to wait will expect more from life. People sometimes do not have patience and take a rash step, not thinking about the fact that they are just changing the “an awl for soap.”

It is worth remembering another weakness of human nature - it is the fear that takes possession of people when it comes to making an important decision. After all, sometimes it happens that people do not really know what they want. They are hindered either by emotions, or by their own difficult character traits. To avoid this, you need to have a purpose in life. And it’s not enough to want to become, say, an actor or a doctor, you need to be able to distinguish the goal from the desire to have one status or another. All this in order to avoid a lot of mistakes and, again, not to commit the main thing - not to change "an awl for soap".

awl for soap

Everything andimmediately, or how not to miss the moment

Many of us are afraid of missing out on a favorable moment in life. But it should be remembered that the willingness to act does not mean that this very moment has come. How not to make a mistake in this case? The feeling of dissatisfaction and the desire to drown it out creates tension and anxiety. The result is a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out. Sometimes, in order to fill the inner emptiness, a person, out of fear of never having anything in life, takes this rash step. There is an unnecessary exchange of “sew for soap”. The meaning of this expression should be considered as a call not to be hasty, cowardly, greedy or stupid.

It is certain and indisputable that people make and will make mistakes of this kind. But, as you know, they learn from them. However, there is such a category of mistakes that should remain strangers so that you don’t have to shrug your shoulders and say: “Again, I traded the awl for soap!”

I would like to note that instead of these words, of course, you can substitute any others that are suitable for a particular life situation. But usually people use this stable expression, in which the rhyming of words is successful and understandable to everyone.

change the awl for soap


Summarizing what has been said, we note that each person needs time to heal the wounds of failure before starting to search for a new and desired one. It is then that you will be able to soberly assess the situation and not repeat the same mistake, changing the "flecked with soap". But the most important thing is what can be learned fromsituations, considering as an example the meaning of this phraseological unit. For example, you will learn to observe yourself, your feelings and fears, and be more patient in the future. You may be able to go around a big bump in your life path.

In fact, when they make an exchange “sew for soap”, this only speaks of the bottom: you have already lost your time, as you have accepted the worst in the end. And the worst decision is the belated one. It was worth stopping and slowly assessing the situation, postponing it for a certain period. It's not always worth pushing yourself.

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