Were there psychics in the USSR?

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Were there psychics in the USSR?
Were there psychics in the USSR?

At first glance, there was no place for magic in the Soviet Union. The atheistic state publicly denied the existence of God, but there were rumors that the leaders of the country resorted to the help of people with superpowers.

Psychics of the USSR

According to the secret data of intelligence officers, the powers that be, who were at the head of the state, had a whole staff of people whose abilities went beyond the usual limits. The psychics of the USSR could read minds, predict the future, and even move objects with the power of thought. There was an opinion that these were science fiction inventions or tricks of spies. However, in the seventies, Nina Kulagina, a famous female psychic of the USSR, demonstrated the wonders of telekinesis. In front of the stunned KGB officers, she moved small objects with her mind: needles, buttons, paper.

Woman psychic of the USSR

Information that people with incredible abilities appeared in the USSR quickly went beyond the narrow circle of people. The fact of the existence of unusual people in our country greatly excited the world community.The Americans were especially wary, considering the ability of some people to influence the world around them by an effort of will almost the most effective weapon.

Famous psychics of the USSR

Lenin, Stalin and other leaders resorted to the help of people with magical abilities, whose decisions directly influenced the fate of the state. The names of advisers to the heads of state were known even abroad. They were feared, respected, trembled before them.

However, in addition to the opinion that people with unusual abilities influenced the fate of the USSR, there is also an opposite point of view. According to some sources, all these unusual people were only good psychologists and knew how to influence the minds of people who so lacked a little magic. Simply put, people just believed what they wanted to believe.

Wolf Messing

One of the most famous psychics of the USSR under Stalin was Wolf Messing - a talented hypnotist and telepath. They say that Adolf Hitler himself feared him.

Young Messing gained popularity by performing in the West with an unusual show. He entered a special state where his biorhythms slowed down and indicated that he was dead. A little later, the psychic discovered the ability to predict and read thoughts.

Psychic USSR

Hitler considered Messing his enemy, as he predicted the collapse of his military company. A careless statement about the impending failure of the Fuhrer almost cost the clairvoyant his life: he was sentenced to death. In this regard, Messing had to flee to the USSR. Only superpowers helped the woundeda person who does not know the language to get to the Soviet border. The language barrier was overcome by Messing in a very peculiar way: he read thoughts.

According to one of the legends, shortly after the escape, Joseph Stalin found out about the amazing man and soon Messing became the chief adviser to the leader.

Other sources of information say that the name of Messing, on the contrary, was not even mentioned in the Kremlin documents next to the name of Stalin. The only thing that to this day does not raise any doubts is his unprecedented acting talent, the ability to capture the slightest facial expressions and movement of human muscles. There is an opinion that it was these talents that led him to success and created the image of a powerful psychic and hypnotist.

Juna Davitashvili

This amazing woman is a healer, psychic, poetess, actress, founder of the International Academy of Alternative Sciences. Juna was a famous psychic of the USSR, rotated in a creative environment, was very popular among creative personalities not only in the Soviet Union, but also in Europe and America.

According to some reports, the clairvoyant Juna predicted the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the collapse of the USSR.

Psychic of the USSR under Stalin

The gift of healing was Juna's calling card. She was credited with extending the life of Brezhnev himself. Her patients also included Marcello Mastroianni, Iosif Kobzon, Andrei Tarkovsky, Arkady Raikin, and even the Pope himself.

However, when asked about healing abilities, Juna always answered that it was not worth going back to the Stone Age. The success of their medical manipulationsshe herself explained the use of various devices that emit electric fields, infrared and high-frequency waves. The healer was engaged in the invention of these devices in her mansion, where patients were also received.

Anatoly Kashpirovsky

This is another famous psychic of the USSR, a psychiatrist by education, one of the adherents of healing through television. Kashpirovsky influenced the viewer using hypnosis, which consisted in connecting the timbre of the voice and certain gestures. A penetrating look is still the hallmark of this man. Eyewitnesses claimed that he literally heated the atmosphere on both sides of the screen.

The famous psychic of the USSR

Despite the fact that people firmly believed in the effectiveness of the Kashpirovsky method, there is evidence of the very deplorable consequences of such an impact. Believing in the effectiveness of treatment at a distance, patients stopped taking drugs, which sometimes led to death.

Alan Chumak

Another television healer among psychics of the USSR. In the late 80s of the last century, he was engaged in bringing healing to people, "charging" water, s alt, photographs. Like Kashpirovsky, he worked through television. According to the psychic himself, at the moment when the telesessions were held, with the help of an effort of will, by manipulating his hands, he charged pre-prepared water, oils, etc., giving them healing properties.

Psychic of the USSR under Stalin

Today there is an opinion that the positive results of histreatments were nothing more than a placebo effect.

Yuri Longo

This man is perhaps one of the most interesting psychics of the USSR. He called himself a "master of white magic", claimed that he could cast love spells and also resurrect the dead.

For example, he claimed to have resurrected Viktor Yushchenko, who, according to him, died in 2004.


Years later, soberly evaluating each of these personalities and their activities, we can conclude that information about the army of psychics in the USSR is nothing but a myth. Undoubtedly, the people mentioned above had extraordinary abilities. Among them were talented actors, good psychologists and inventors. However, the question of whether they have psychic abilities remains open to this day.

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